For Sale - Ancient Greece!

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Ancient Greece is hands down the best ancient civilization of the them all, says 10/10 philosophers. Ancient Greece offers advancements in government, art, culture, science and math! They even chose a wise spot for their empire - and they weren't greedy like those Romans. Who wouldn't want this wonderful, glory-filled gem of the Mediterranean?
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Greeks Crafted Democracy

In the great Greek city state of Athens, home to many great and wise philosophers, scientists, mathematicians and politicians, the government system used by the U.S.A. to this day was born. Athens had a democracy, where the people voted on laws and decisions, by the people, for the people. Athens even had the same three branches of government - Judicial, Executive, and Legislative.

Beautiful Architecture

Beautiful Greek columns and Greek style buildings are found all over the world, especially in developed western countries. The U.S. capitol building is a mirror of the towering Greek political and public buildings. Many U.S. homes and public buildings use many Greek style columns.

Still not sure? Read further! There are still many wonderful innovations not mentioned yet!

Gifted Geometrists

The ancient Greeks had an enormous amount of mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, and writers. Many of the mathematicians focused greatly on geometry. Pythagoras was a great mathematician. He gave us the Pythagorean Theorem, which is used to find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Where would modern construction - or any civilization - be without the marvelous innovative thoughts of the Greeks? Another Greek mathematician, Euclid, wrote a textbook on mathematics and geometry, called Euclid's Elements. This book was studied and is studied extensively by many mathematicians and students looking to expand their knowledge.

Greeks INVENTED Theater

Yes, they invented drama, comedy, and putting public shows on in theaters. Greeks wrote great screenplays that still influence modern-day entertainment.

Greeks Recorded History

Where would are social studies textbooks be without the Greeks? They traveled to many other ancient civilizations during their primes, and wrote it down to give us insight to what exactly life was like in those civilizations.
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Outstanding Scientists

Greek was home to some of the best, including their scientists. The Greeks disproved many thoughts about the universe that had been accepted as fact, such as things like Earth being flat, and that it was larger than the sun and bigger than the sun. The Greeks actually estimated the sun to be larger than 300 Earths, which is still far off, but much closer than the previous theory. The Greeks theorized that the sun was the center of our solar system, which is true, and they even accurately predicted the circumference of Earth.

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