September 16, 2013


This Wednesday- Health and Safety- Please see Chris' e-mail regarding preparation

This Thursday- Late Start- new schedule- info below

Thurs. Sept. 26- Terry Fox Run- Period 5- Everybody

Wed Oct. 2- Awards Assemblies PERIOD 1 and 2

Sept 30-Oct.4- Guidance Grade 9 Visits- Period 2/5


October 8- Assessment PLC- Since this is a department goal, and we are a little behind in comparison to other departments, I would like to send 1 rep from each department to attend. Will be helpful to share with other colleagues in the school and see what they are doing. Please let me know who will attend from your department. Thanks.

I also have insight on Action Research if you are interested.


I will e-mail your budget/ or let you know today. As mentioned before, this budget is to take care of smaller items and course needs. If there are larger items, replacement or repair issues please speak with me and/ or Pat. There is money there to support our needs. I will speak more about this on Thursday.


There are no such things as physical P-CARDS, just numbers. Please make sure you "sign out" the card with Heather or Cynthia. Please remember to submit the receipt.

It is recommended that you use your own card, submit the receipt right away and get re-imbursed right away. Cynthia is speedy in this regard. Even better is to go to Cynthia and she can order/ purchase for you right away.

**ONLINE ORDERS**- board will not accept digital receipts alone. Check for one with the packing slip OR keep the online one, white out personal credit card info and submit a copy of your credit card bill to show you have been billed and paid for item in full. See Above.



8:30- 10:00- Library- Office 365 Orientation- Pat is looking for a couple of people from each department to attend. Let me know if you are interested.


work on a rough draft of budgetary/ equipment needs for the rest of the year. (What I need now/ What I need by the end of the semester/ What I need if there is money left at the end of the year- with $ amounts if possible) . Please e-mail to me and I will pass on to Pat.

10:15- 10:45- Quick Department Meeting- Drama Room 320

11:15- Classes Begin


IEPS- please take special care for students who have accommodations with note-taking/ duplicating of notes

ACER tablets/ Room 104- In progress, hopefully will be on RBS system soon, working on locking procedure.

TWITTER- In progress...

FIRE ALARMS- working on attendance procedure.

Oct 1- Period2

Oct. 9- Period 1

Oct 16- Period 2

Oct. 23- Period 2 (Lockdown)

MID-TERM- Marks due- Nov.11

If you have any questions please let me know.