Borders and Powers

By: Ross Petersen

What are "Borders and Powers"?

Governments have what is called "political power". This means that they have power to control or enforce behavior of citizens inside it's borders. What's a border? A border is a outline of a governments region of power and control. Borders decide where the land of one country ends and another's begins. Borders are often defined by Borders are often disputed over and can lead to conflict.

An example of an area of political power would be the United States' land. Where this land ends is an example of a border, which would include the edge of Texas and the beginning of Mexico, which is defined by the Rio Grande.

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Above shows examples of borders between countries that define where their political power begins and ends.


This project is aimed at educating and informing viewers about modern day borders and what power governments have within those borders. This will be shown throughout the following three presentations that will give examples of nations, their powers, what gives them their powers, and conflicts that arise from disputes over their borders.
Balance of Power

This is an example of what makes a nation powerful. It also explains why it is difficult to obtain too much power our the world.

Ukraine Crisis

Many conflicts are caused of borders and powers in a region. A current dispute is in Ukraine, where rebellious uprisings are challenging the government and the country's neighbors.

Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Who controlled the land that was once known as Palestine has been long debated and has remained a aggressive violent issue. Who had the power in the area and where the borders were has been fought over time and time again.