Paper Towns

By: Kymberly Coolidge


At midnight one night Margo Roth Spiegelman climbs up to Quentin Jacobsen's bedroom window and asks him if he wants to go on an adventure around Miami. Quentin always admiring Margo, says yes. Quentin and Margo go to her ex-boyfriend Jason's house, her friend Becca's house, and her friend Lexi's house to get revenge after Jason cheated on her. After their adventure Margo doesn't show up at school for the next days, then the next weeks. Quentin starts finding clues that help lead him to where Margo has gone. After Quentin and his friends crack the clues and find out she is in Agloe, NY it's a race against the clock to get to Margo before she leaves for somewhere else. They drop everything, and even miss graduation to get to Margo in time. After many hours they find Margo outside the Agloe general store. She confesses that she didn't want to be found, and cannot be convinced to come back to to Florida. She tells Quentin she was going to New York City, and that he could come along if he wants. He tells her no but says that they will stay friends, and meet again someday.



  • Margo Roth Spiegelman
  • Quentin
  • Ben (friend)
  • Radar (friend)
  • Lexi (friend)
  • Quentin's Parents
Character Description

Margo- Margo is adventurous and mysterious. She doesn't think about her actions or take other peoples feelings into perspective. She is a good planner, and provider for herself

Quentin- He is shy and nervous. He is a nice boy who is kind to others. His character becomes very brave as the plot develops.


  • Miami
  • Agloe

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The theme of this story is that a person is just a person. Don't portray them as anything more than a person. This is the theme, because Quentin always imagined Margo as more than a person, he envied her. After he realized, however, that she had many flaws, he started to see the real her.


I chose Agloe's story as my non-fiction topic because it is "Paper Towns" main setting.

Agloe's Story

*A paper town is a town that does not actually exist. Map makers put it on their maps as a form of copyright, so if it appears on another company's map they can file a law suit.

Otto G. Lindberg and Ernest Alpers decided to put a paper town on their map for their company General Drafting in the 1930s. The pair combined their initials O. G. L. A. and E. to create a fictional town called Agloe. According to Snejana Farbero they placed the town on a map of upstate New York, near Roscoe. A few years later a company called Rand McNally printed their own upstate New York map, and included Agloe on it. When the Rand McNally company was questioned for copyright they told officials that there was a building in that location called the Agloe General Store that they figured to be named after the location. The general store happened to be inspired by the fake town, which the store's owner had seen on a map at an Esso gas station (Farbero 2014). The creation of this building sucessfully turned a "paper town" into a real town.

Direct Quote

"Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn't the way they actually are."

-John Green {Paper Towns}

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