The Elite School of Fine Arts is a private school specifically targeted towards allowing and providing advanced fine arts students with the resources needed to enhance and explore their potential in different fine arts content areas including- dance, theater, orchestra, band, music, and lastly visual arts while still aiding students to excel in their core academic studies.


The Elite School of Fine Arts's mission statement is to provide a peaceful but exciting environment where students can exceed and enhance in both their four core subjects and fine arts.


TESOFA’s vision statement is to prepare all of students for the global environment once they graduate by having a diverse student body. TESOFA hopes to have students exceed in both academic and fine arts. TESOFA hopes to provide students with the right resources to be successful in their specific fine art classes while allowing them to excel in their other studies and be part of a diverse community. TESOFA also hopes to provide a challenging but inviting academic environment with the help of parents and local citizens in the community. TESOFA wants all students to have a bright future in various fine arts content areas and ultimately be successful individuals. Every student will be a promise from beginning to end.


There are many benefits of The Elite School of Fine Arts being a private school. Due to independent funding, the school is able to build necessary settings for students like a proper dance studio, a theater, a concert hall, recording studios, and an art room. The school is also able to provide students with necessary materials for their fine arts skill and receive assistance from professionals.

Another big benefit of attending a private school is the smaller student body. This permits a closer bond between teachers of both academic and fine arts with their students. This lets teachers successfully help students specifically in their problem areas and know how each student generally likes to function and learn. Teachers are also able to advance how they teach along with using innovative techniques and technology to teach students.


The Elite School of Fine Arts is on a block schedule through out the school year. All students are required to take two of four of their core classes during the first two blocks of the school day including math, science, language arts, and social studies each semester. During the last two blocks, students are able to enhance their skills and explore their potential in their selected fine arts content area. A time for advisement is also provided to connect with their peers and learn various lessons to build good character and qualities in students.

Students of The Elite School of Fine Arts are expected to be in their first block classrooms by 8:05 AM and a regular school day ends at 3:10 PM.

Bell Schedule

Morning Bell 8:05

1st Block (First core) 8:10 – 9:36

ADVISEMENT 9:41 – 10:06

2ND Block (Second core) 10:11 – 11:34

3rd Block (Fine arts) 11:39 – 1:41

A LUNCH 11:39 – 12:05

B LUNCH 12:10 – 12:37

C LUNCH 12:42 – 1:09

D LUNCH 1:14 – 1:41

4th Block (Fine arts) 1:46 – 3:10


The Elite School of Fine Arts is on a block schedule to benefit both students and teachers.

Student are able to learn better by having two blocks of two core classes and two blocks of their fine arts classes. They are able to explore their subjects in a more detailed matter throughout a semester. Due to a majority of the student body consisting of advanced students, they are able to learn at a pace they are more comfortable with and are capable of following. They are able to learn more in one semester. Students attending schools with block scheduling also have a increased chance of succeeding in their academics and their fine arts studies.

Teachers are also benefited by block scheduling by being able to plan and teach lessons more efficiently. Having fewer students to teach in each class also allows teachers to get to know their students better.

Time is money and because of block scheduling it is able to be saved. Block scheduling lets school time be managed in a better and more efficient way to ensure students and teachers use time wisely. The less frequent change of classes between blocks save transition time between different classrooms and calling for attendance along with other introduction information.


It is stated that diversity in schools are good for students in the present and the future. The Elite School of Fine Arts will have a diverse student body to benefit the students by furthering their understanding of different cultures and prepare them for the global environment. All genders, races, ethnic backgrounds, and religions are welcomed to register. Due to the welcomed diverse cultural backgrounds, the school does not have any school uniforms.


The availability of resources needed to prepare students with skills needed in their future career paths will benefit them as they start going into the work force. Many students attending the school are going to be considering or already decided to pursue a career in different fine arts jobs in the work field. Having the resources needed to further enhance and explore their skills in different fine arts subjects allow the students to prepare for their future careers and be ready to enter the workplace that involve fine arts.


Communication between parents and teachers is important to help students exceed in their studies. The teachers at The Elite School of Fine Arts will provide parent-teacher conferences whenever needed or wanted by parents with both academic and fine art teachers to ensure their success.


Early registration for one year including two semesters is starting at $15,000.00. Additional fees vary by fine arts content area!

Auditions are required along with a academic transcript of the student while registering.

Contact for further information like financial aid possibilities!