The Collapse of the Soviet Union


Internal Problems within the Soviet Union

When the Soviet Union started to surpass the United States in the arm race, they found that they were spending WAY too much money on nukes and bombs. The USSR started to lose millions. While they were losing money, there was a rise in nationalism within soviet republics. Plus, Communism limited the economic growth of the soviet union and total gain of money with in the republic. Lastly, when Gorbachev created the new economic reforms, glasnost and perestroika, this recreation of the economic system didn't help the situation.
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President Reagan

President Reagan was played a major role in the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the big things that Reagan did was his famous quotes, "Gorbachev, bring down this wall." The eventually repercussion of this quote brought down the Soviet Union. Reagan also pressured the USSR into making more nukes than they could fund, bring their economy down.
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