Mrs. Jodie's Class

Life in Room 43

Upcoming Week

This week we are still talking about Autumn, Apples, and science. Last week, we made a lemonade stand and had customers come and purchase a glass of lemonade for 50cents. It was hard work juicing all of those lemons, but we did it!

This week will be learning about the Weinermobile in our News2U. We will be making a dish on Friday with hot dogs. They will be cut up in small pieces. Please let me know if we need to make other arrangements for your child.

We will also be performing a science experiment. We will predict which seed will grow faster: a pumpkin or apple. We will talk about ways to take care of the seeds, observe the growth, and illustrate our findings.

I will be out on Wednesday. Mrs. Trisha will be the sub. Mrs. Dary and Mr. JR will be here. I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will miss.

Oct. 19th

Wednesday will be a jean day with an orange shirt to unite against bullying.

Our Lemonade Stand

Boat Races and Outside Time

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Oct. 24th and Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 24th- No School

The Week of October 25-Oct. 28th is Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday- Hide from Drugs- wear camo or uniform dress

Wednesday-Put a cap on drugs- Wear a hat/crazy hat with uniform dress.

Thursday-Too bright for drugs-Wear neon clothes and sunglasses! If you don't have neon, wear uniform dress

Friday-We are jeanius because we don't do drugs- Jeans and Claybon spirit shirt or uniform shirt.

Lunch Menu

Click on the link below to see what is for lunch this week.