What is Media

Media is any form of communication throughout human beings. This form of communication can be used in a variety of ways, whether it is Television like the news, paper like The AJC, Outdoor like signs and or billboards. All people tend to like similar things like movies, games sports and more is expressed and shared throughout forms of media. But media has taken a whole new leap into the future from what it was in say 1990. People can do completely new thing with this online way of communication. There are ads all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace and more. These sites listed above are also a few of the new social media craze taking over America. People use these sites to communicate with friends, people they knew in high school, old exes and even more. They can state points give arguments and compare interest on their accounts. Social media is probably the most widely used way of communication besides face to face talking. To be media literate one must know how to use all the above given sources. People must know where to find a newspaper or how to interpret a headline. One also need to skill of using social media for good reasons not cyber bullying or annoying press to those more widely known. You must also know where to use and look for certain things. If you want something long it would be better for Facebook something short and to the point is better for twitter and for pictures of things like food for you restaurant would be more useful on Instagram.


Drugs are an enormous plague on today’s society. People uses things from soft drugs like tobacco and marijuana to heavy substances like methamphetamines and crack/cocaine. But the biggest question is should they remain illegal. To most Americans some drugs like meth are understandable but marijuana is outrageous. The effects of marijuana are proven to have less affects then alcohol, and less long term affects then tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and cigarettes. The federal government tends to believe it has adverse long term effects on the body though several studies prove otherwise. The American citizens whom believe this need to stand up.

Superbowl anyalsis

“AXE” body spray, uses the advertising commercial, “'Axe Peace' Television Commercial Ad [Make Love Not War],” to show people have all these similarities not just differences. The author uses many clips jumping back and forth from one place to another in a chronological order. The author uses the audience’s sympathy and feeling of love in order to cause the audience to subconsciously actives mental endorphins of “love” to catch peoples eye then perfectly using product placement to make people want to buy ‘Axe Body Spray’. The author uses a serious but loving tone to possibly for a relationship between the audience and the company to make the company seem to have a loving and friendly environment.

Corse analysis

This course has not been the average language arts class but and actual learning experience of a media literacy course which has taught me numerous aspects and point of views on how media can be used for the good and bad of society and simple human life and interaction. I now see media for its bad side unlike I did before this course. The media for instance can ruin one’s life once every one hears about something that has happened to not just a celebrity but any human being. Like those whom the media takes and slightly distorts the truth of the entertainment of the masses.

But, even though social media has it’s quirks like all other thing is has it livelihoods. For instance, The New York Times has an article exclaiming, “He had just gotten a message on his Facebook wall that he’d been waiting for all his life.” The above quote was of a young man whom through all odds found his birth parents whom had to put him up for adoption. This is a prime example of how social media can help the life of many. Of how a twelve year old boys sees an article on kids not being able to go to school so he starts a group that makes hundreds of schools all over.

Though this class was very interesting to me but some may not have like it the same to others. This class can me more hands on then just giving us assignments. Maybe make students use media in a positive way like the class gets together to make a group on twitter and have people raise money and give it to like Relay for Life or Toys for Tots. But this are simply suggestions it was an honor to take this course and a fun time because I really learned much.

1984 Analysis

Orwell's novel 1984, depicts a dystopian in which the government take total control of everything. In this totalitarian society there is no individuality, no fun, this power hungry government even takes away the two most important things human being have: love and hope. The book revolves around a character by the name of Winston who doesn’t necessarily likes this over powered ruler like enity of Big Brother much like my utter dislike of the book. I felt the book was an over exaggeration of the possible power of the government. I feel he is mocking the government saying they can have more power which is simply outlawed by the US constitution. Honestly if I were the author I would have ended the book with more knowledge of the surrounding world because for some reason I feel he left out how the rest of the behaved with their people to let the reader know there is hope in the world. Though I believe he is exaggeration his meaning I also believe some weaker governments have power and technological capability to possible control every aspect of one’s life.

!984 dystopian Reality

Rasheed Stanley, Staff Reporter

Wed Mar 26, 2014

Hong Kong- The Chinese government can now spy on anyone who they believe can be detrimental to their communist government. So they’ve added secret microphones to every new television, microwave, coach and many other appliances and pieces of furniture.

Chinese citizen whom preferred to keep his name undisclosed out of fear of his life stated “ We should have seen this coming, with the tremendous increase of technology someone knows where we are whenever we have our phones on.” He went on to express his major dislike of this eventually oppressive government saying, “They have too much POWER.”

Some like this idea, one citizen named Bei-Lee stated, “this give the government knowledge of pending or possible acts of terror.” But the real question is will the Chinese government use this technology to take total control of people’s lives, only time will tell.