Advantages and Disadvantages

Of the Articles of Confederation- By: Carmen N.

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  • Included a united army for the states
  • Set up a legislature where each state had one vote
  • Was able to build and control the army
  • Had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states
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  • National government couldn't enforce laws so even if a law was ratified, states could ignore them
  • National government couldn't tax
  • Needed 9 out of 13 states approval to pass law
  • Needed all 13 states to agree to amend a law
  • No executive or judicial branch
  • Caused the states to suffer economically especially when each state started taxing each other and hurting trade.
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Weak Central Government

I believe the designers created a government with a weak central government to avoid what the colonists already had to go through. They most likely believed that to avoid giving the central government too much power, they guaranteed that past situations would be unable to happen again. However, they most likely forgot that the central government would need more power in order to do things like enforce laws or tax.