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February 18, 2022

In this Week's Update

  • 3rd Grade Math
  • Basketball Seasons
  • Art Class
  • Mrs. Sackandy's Class
  • 4th Grade NAEP
  • Door Tour
  • Attachments: SIGN UP FOR VOLLEYBALL for 4th & 5th grade boys and girls

3rd Grade Math

Third grade is working on filling up their ice cream sundae. A few weeks ago, I shared with you our wall of ice cream sundaes. Once a student has mastered multiplication facts, they get to color in another part of their sundae. Guess what they get when they have their sundae filled in the entire way?
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Basketball Season

Congratulations to all of our PV ball players on their seasons. These kids fought hard every game, learned about the sport, learned how to win and how to lose, and made new friends.
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What's Happening in Art?

1st grade has been studying animals from the Arctic. Last art class we sculpted polar bears out of model magic using coils and spheres. Kids did an amazing job making these and they were so excited to get them back this week. This week we drew an arctic fox in it’s natural habitat. We did a guided drawing but each fox has its own personality.

Mrs. Sackandy's Class

Students in Mrs. Sackandy's class used their knowledge about acoustical engineers, sound, visual representations, and the engineering design process to create tactile representation of a given bird call.
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4th Grade NAEP

We couldn't be prouder of our Pleasant Valley 4th Graders! The National Association of Educational Progress proctors arrived at PV this past Wednesday and our 4th grade team guided our students to do their best. The whole school supported them by being extra quiet when moving around the building and wishing them well.

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Valentine's Door Tour

Our classes celebrated Valentine's Day last Friday with fun and food in their classrooms. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who joined us!

This Monday, classes went on a door tour throughout the building and selected their favorite decorated door. It was a tough choice. There were so many neat doors. It was great to see the whole building engaged in an activiity together. Classes then went to the gym to vote for their favorite and get a brain break with a fifteen minute dance party.


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A Reminder

When your child needs to be dismissed early, a note needs to be sent in with your child. Calling the office instead of sending a note will delay your child's dismissal. A note lets the office plan for the dismissal and organize all the necessary steps for an early dismissal before your arrival. Calling, even early in the day, slows down the process. Please send a note into the office instead of calling.

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February 22

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