Become a Forest Ranger

Being a Forest Ranger

Forest rangers are hard-working people who love the environment and do not mind getting dirty. Forest rangers serve the community by protecting the environment, watching for danger to the community such as fires and floods, and creating safe, beautiful places for people to enjoy. There are two kinds of forest rangers: a permanent forest ranger, who works at the same park year-round, and a temporary forest ranger, who only works for part of the year or works at two different parks depending on what time of the year it is.

Job Requirements

Forest rangers are required to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree that prepares them to manage natural resources. Common majors include, but are not limited to, natural sciences, history, archeology, and business administration. State and national park services search for applicants with relevant experience, especially those who have worked with wildlife, natural resources, and in law enforcement. Military veterans, police officers, and fire fighters are particularly coveted, and are frequently hired as forest rangers.