By: Alyssa Durbin


I will be doing sequence and this is how i would do it. First i world add a new sub title and then i would talk about my sub title with info.

Leading up to war

United states 1800, France and Great Britain where at war. both wanted to take united states thier cargo and attack thier ships. american salors where forced to work on britsh ships. But they felt no right at all. they had left the area and now are in canda.

War with great britain

1809, James Madison became president. Until a group men argued in favor of war aganist great britain. however britain canda because they thought the untied states had more land. june 1812 Madison declared a war.

The war at sea

United states tried serval time to invade canda. but they did have navy and some other things they could try. Like constrtion, wooden sides where think that canballs bounced off.One time a battle with ships lasted sevrel hours. With oliver hanzard perry declared. At the end perry said we have met the enmey and they are ours.

Battles on land

August 1814, Britsh attacked Washtion. Madsion was forced to flee, Madisons wife and he had no time to pack and her name was Dolly. some of the others esped and some did not. spebtember 13, the amecains refused to serrend the fort so the britsh finally gave up.

Fighting for new orleans

end of 1814 , they both have been fighting for almost over 2 years. Both end the war. janury new of peace had reached , the britsh had attacked.2,000 some people where killed or ingured and even some people died.

The return of peace

things became normal and ended in 1815, some people even felt more confident about thier new nation. this made americans fell more untied. this was the war of 1812.