CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News

Stars of the Week:


  • Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Year 7 student Mariyah for for her fantastic commitment and producing high quality work in History. Also nominated are Year 9 students Kelly, Niav, Katie and Annie for producing high quality work in Sociology.
  • Mrs Brown has nominated the following Year 9 students for their perseverance with a difficult assessment set in English and they produced some excellent work, Oscar, Dolton, Andrew, Michael, Adelin, Israel and Gus.
  • Mrs Wright has nominated Year 11 student Rohan for his promotion from Cadet to acting Corporal in CCF.
  • Miss Keogh would like to thank Year 8 student Sophie for her help and support in the mornings at school reception.
  • Mr Rogers has nominated the following students, Year 8 students Edvins, Harley H and Ellie D for their exceptional performances in Inter-tutor this week and Year 11 students Katie, Elle, Kaitlyn and Lewis for excellent results in their recent Health and Fitness mock exams.
  • Miss McGrath would like to say well done to the Year 10 Biologists for their fantastic work producing some brilliant practical write ups. Also nominated are Year 10 students

    Charlize, Tamsyn and Kiero for their progress and effort in science so far this term.

  • Miss Blencowe and Mr Harley have nominated the Year 10 Food Technology students for their amazing home made bread this week.

  • Mrs Ferns has nominated her Year 8 Maths class for their positive attitude and effort this term.

  • Mr Godfrey has nominated Year 9 student Cameron B for always setting a great example to his peers in both Physics lessons and form time.

  • Miss Fenner has nominated Year 10 students Ines and Carmen Y10 for their excellent work and focus in English and Year 13 student Ryan for his effort and for challenging himself in English this week.

Teaching and Learning:

Ms Jenkins would like to celebrate Mr Jackson’s Year 7 Maths lesson in which students were doing a treasure hunt, using their calculation skills to solve clues around the room and find the hidden key word. Students were working together really well and worked through the tasks really purposefully.


Literacy Stars of the Week:


  • Isla - 8TA - for a fantastic presentation to prospective new students at our recent Open Events for Year 6 students

  • Jack - 8CO - for reading 2 books in a week, Jack said he has never finished a book before, well done Jack!

  • Darcey - 9TA - for using the word "melancholic" in Geography.

  • George - 9CA - excellent explanation and use of teh term "revenue stream" in Geography.
  • Samuel - 9CA - for fantastic oracy.

  • Oscar - 9TA - for a fantastic presentation to prospective new students at our recent Open Events for Year 6 students.

  • Tamsyn - 10ST - for an excellent example of a geographical term being used correctly.

Literacy News:

Students are encouraged to take part in the Literacy lurkers challenge where they are to send pictures to Mrs Hopkins of them reading in different and interesting places and capturing interesting words out and about.


  • Year 7 Activity Week will take place next week, please ensure your child has the correct equipment with them for activities outside school. Please also ensure you have returned the behaviour form.