Level 4 Design Expo

Vaisnavi T

Our special day is coming soon.

During term 4 we have been working hard to satisfy our clients need. I have researched, designed and failed before finally getting to producing. There have been major problems and minor problems and I have overcome those problems to satisfy my client. I hope you can be there to see all the work that I have done for the past several weeks. This day shows the final product of all our hard work and we want to share it with you.

Level 4 Design Expo

Thursday, Dec 6th, 6-7pm

29 Livingstone Road

Vermont South, VIC

We Hope You Can Come

The commencing time and dates are shown above and I hope you will be able to come and see all of our hard work and dedication. It will mean allot to us if you can make it to our Design Expo.

We are Hexahara Solutions