Soren Kierkegaard


Early Life

  • Soren Kierkegaard was born May 5th, 1813
  • He was born in Copenhagen Denmark
  • Soren was the seventh and last child in his family
  • His parents were Michael Pedersen Kierkegaard and Ane Sørensdatter Lund

Influences in Soren's life

  • In the mid 1800's, the people of Denmark were pushing the monarchs for democracy
  • In 1848 a free constitution was finally established
  • These changes resulted in an explosion of of wealth and learning
  • People like Kierkegaard were finally able to have the leisure of writing/learning
  • This lead to leading to many important philosophical themes.
  • George Wilhelm and Friedrich Hegel were both important philosopher influences in his life

Soren's Political Views

  • One of his most important views was: freedom could actually lead to fear
  • He felt that having freedom brought anxiety when choosing which "path" to go with
  • He also believed that people would choose through reason which is not really free
  • He is now know has the father of existentialism
  • He conceived of each person as a unique human being and that all people are responsible for their own development and free to direct their own lives
  • He said people will become what they will be by nature not from birth
  • Kierkegaard stresses that each individual must negotiate his or her own relationship with God without any mediation from the church, the government, or other thinkers
  • He wanted his followers/readers to question his authority as much as anyone else's


  • Some of his modern day influences..........
  • religion, ethnic origin and legal-political state all converge to provide a structure within which individuals can live in
  • The effect is to relieve individuals of the burden of complete self-responsibility and self-reference
  • It certainly allows a solidity and endurance for the state, it allows individual freedom and politics to co-exist
  • He has influenced many modern day existentialists
  • Kiekegaard's work had great significance after WW1


  • Soren Kierkegaard died November 11, 1855 at the age of 42 due to an unknown illness.


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