Reach for the Stars!

Noteworthy News for the Week of 12/16/19

Shining Stars!

Kudos to the kiddos on their star performance! What a success! It is clear that we all belong here at Sherwood School!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a relaxing, memorable and fulfilling winter vacation! I look forward to many more special memories together in 2020! Sending holiday cheer to each and every family this holiday season!

Singing Visit to The Auberge!

We are excited to take our, "You Belong Here," show on the road and spread smiles in our community this Thursday, December 19th! We look forward to showing the residents at The Auberge that they “belong here” too! If you have not returned the permission slip, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you!


This week we will continue working with nonfiction text. Students will be exploring the text structure of comparing and contrasting as both readers and authors. From US regions to animals species, students will focus on thinking analytically to find similarities and differences, utilizing a variety of text support. Students will also specifically focus on essential reading strategies such as distinguishing between fact and opinion and looking for cause & effect relationships.. We look forward to using the mentor text, City Homes and Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live, to help us enhance our reading

Readers' Theater!

We look forward to taking part in fun & inspiring growth mindset & winter themed readers’ theater this week! Students LOVE readers’ theater...and they serve as a wonderful way to increase reading fluency and accuracy! It’s quite a week of stellar performances in our last week together in 2019!


In grammar this week, we will continue to work with multiple-meaning words that can be adverbs or adjectives. Irregular verbs and verb-subject agreement with plural irregular verbs.


In our writing sessions together this week, students will be working collaboratively with a writing partner to create a compare and contrast essay devoted toward two different animals. They will start by conducting research as they take on the prewriting stage. Upon returning from winter break, they will begin the drafting stage of the writing process. We will be generating an anchor chart to help provide word variety and ensure that their audience clearly understands the similarities and differences that the two animals share. Once they have completed their pieces, and partnered with other groups to critique and provide feedback to one another, students will then be asked to create their own compare and contrast essay using our mentor text. Clearly, our authors will be hard at work!


This week the 3rd graders will also be introduced to scale and referents while reading and discussing the book Biggest, Strongest, Fastest. Students will dive into understanding the difference between the metric and U.S. customary systems of measurement and then work with metric measures of grams, kilograms, milliliters, and liters.

Our Place in the World (Social Studies)

In social studies your children are showing great understanding of our world and will now be creating their own country! They'll be brainstorming with partners in order to develop a wonderful place to live...and be asked to design their own country map and flag, too! Through our hands-on project, we’ll be exploring other forms of geography such as physical geography, climate, landforms and natural resources. It's time to get the passports ready!

Panda Jar Celebration!

The Stars of 3K have set their next goal.....A Writer's Circle Sharing Session! What a unique and inspirational idea! The Kilen Kudos have selected this as their next Panda Jar Celebration! Based on their incredible ability to work together collaboratively and follow our Class Contract, we've been rapidly earning the pandas and filling our jar!

We’re looking forward to this special celebration in early 2020! Kudos, kiddos! We're more than halfway there!

On another note, our last Panda Jar Celebration Mathternoon was a blast! Ask your child all about the fun we had as we crunched numbers in fun ways on Wednesday afternoon!

Save the Date for the Sherwood Carnival!

Save the date for the annual Sherwood Carnival! It is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2020. More information will be sent home after winter break. Thank you for your support & hope to see you there!

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks (extra learning opportunities) are a hit! Kudos to the kiddos that opted to take part in this optional opportunity! Please remember that these activities are completely OPTIONAL. Students can access these opportunities on our Reach for the Stars Google Site! If your child is looking for something fun to do this weekend, these just may be the answer your looking for!

Thank You!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. I really appreciate your support!