Weekly Geekly

May 14, 2018

LT- Media Carts (Well, All equipment really)

This week we had TWO instances where someone reserved equipment for STAAR/AP testing and the equipment reserved had not been returned and was not here to be retrieved on time on a testing day.

PLEASE return your equipment as soon as your reservation is over. IF there is a situation where you attempt to return equipment and you are not able to enter the library to do so, please email me so I know where it is, lock it in your classroom and return it first thing in the morning.



I had never heard of Gimkit before last week and suddenly it was EVERYWHERE! In fact, Monica Meza was using it in her Spanish class on Friday!

What is Gimkit? It is a quiz game that rewards students for getting items right by giving them pretend currency. When they begin, students earn $1 for a right answer and lose $1 for a wrong answer. Once they accumulate $10, they can start to purchase upgrades from the shop. For example, they can choose to make questions be worth $10 per question. But that means they also lose $10 per question they get wrong. Or they might choose to spend their money on upgrading streak points. So maybe they want to be rewarded when they get 2 in a row correct. You can also purchase a multiplier, and multiply every dollar in or out. They could even choose to buy insurance! for $10 you could insure 10% of the amount that you might lose each turn. Students can play as individuals OR on teams!

As students collect more money, they can purchase bigger upgrades.

Get this: You can IMPORT games from Quizlet! It walks you through a pretty simple copy/paste process to bring your old games over.

This is a really fun one. What a great find for the last few weeks of school. If you try it, let me know!

CTE- Meet your new DLC!

Next year I will be assigned full time at Lebanon Trail. I have been splitting a campus with the CTE for the last 9 years, and I have enjoyed working with all of you more than I can say. You are an amazing group of educators and I have been proud to call the CTE Center my home, but I also welcome the opportunity to stay in one place and help Lebanon Trail as they grow.

In my place, Mimi McGhee will be taking over as DLC for the CTE Center! Those of you who know Mimi already know she will do an AMAZING job. For those that don't know Mimi yet, I can tell you she is smart, creative, talented, and one of the hardest workers I have ever met. This will add a new dimension to her current role and she is excited to take on the new challenge. I know I am leaving you in good hands!

Flipgrid Users- Announcement from Flipgrid

If you have used your own Flipgrid account this year, please make sure you know that all grids need to be password protected by June 8. Flipgrid is closing shop for summer and they are going to be making some changes to their interface. They are updating the privacy and terms of use and adding a messaging feature of some sort as well. They are trying to make it easier to connect with folks outside your classroom, I believe. Very exciting, but do pay attention to any emails from them!
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