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Creativity and Presentation

With intertwining your presentation in the classroom with easy understanding and quick short lesson videos, you can arose K-16 students' motivation to learn wide range of topics! As TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) focusing on disseminating valuable thoughts and ideas, You Tube, educators, and animators collaborated together to create thousands of innovative videos, which contain valuable ideas, to support and encourage 21st century educators' teachings more.

How to use TED-Ed?

Fast registering with your name and e-mails!
Easy creating professional and creative lessons with searching videos you want to use, adding multiple questions, discussion prompts, and other resources you want to use!
You can always share to your class in many different ways!

Author: Ari Maruyama

Research Interests: Multicultural Education, Visual/Media Art Education, Moral Education, Contemporary Art, and Psychology.

Born in 1990, in Japan. Graduated Tama Art University and currently seeking M.Ed. Art Education in University of Houston.