Los angeles charter bus

Thinking about Renting a Shuttle Charter Bus?

Many people wrongly believe that they have to gather a lot of people in order to justify a bus rental trip. However, aside from those huge buses they have in mind when someone mentions renting a bus, there are also shuttle bus rentals. Namely, a shuttle bus is a bus, but it is smaller than a standard bus, and it can comfortably seat between 14 and 28 passengers. For example, you can plan a Los Angeles charter bus trip for a dozen of your friends and still get away with saving a ton of money on the price of the rental, despite the fact that only a dozen of your friends are going on the trip.

The Main Advantage of Renting a Shuttle Charter Bus

Obviously, the main benefit of renting a shuttle bus rather than the bus that can seat 50 or more people is the fact that it is more affordable. Instead of renting a full-size charter bus, you can always go for the shuttle bus and enjoy a comfortable and safe bus trip without spending more money than it is necessary. When you think about it, there are minivans and SUV’s that can seat eight or more people, and renting a bus for 10 people for instance is a much better option. Instead of cramming up in a car, you can enjoy all the luxury of the bus at a price that is completely acceptable. What’s more, even if a car can actually seat all of the passengers, you will definitely have a problem getting the luggage into the same vehicle, which will basically make your trip impossible to start. On the other hand, of you rent a shuttle bus, there will be enough room for luggage, and the passengers will also enjoy a much higher level of comfort than they would if they were traveling by car.

The Amenities Offered by Our Shuttle Buses

Even though a bit more modest than our full-size charter buses, our shuttle buses still come with amenities that are to be found on no car. Namely, there is wheelchair access on all the shuttle buses, which is a very important thing to take note of. Aside from this, there is also the option of using iPod’s throughout the trip, which means that the passengers will be properly entertained until they reach their final destination, well-rested and ready to explore away!