WINTER PARK BAND Weekly Newsletter

September 29, 2019


Addams Family Pit Orchestra Rehearsal

Monday, Sep. 30th, 2:30-4pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Only for those students who have been invited to perform in the pit orchestra with the fall musical.


Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 2:30-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Homecoming Parade and "Roar"

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, 4:30-7pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL


Thursday, Oct. 3rd, 6-9pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL


WIND SYMPHONY - Report @ 5:15 PM for rehearsal with returning alumni.


Friday, Oct. 4th, 5-11pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL


From Mr. Clemente

Dear Winter Park Band families,

The SOTW had a an extremely productive weekend with our Saturday "Fall Mini-Camp." The entire halftime show is on the field! This Friday's performance will be the first time through all of the music on the field, and if everything goes like we hope and the weather cooperates, we will have our first full performance of the show at the 10/11 football game!

THANK YOU to all our our wonderful parent volunteers who helped serve lunch at Saturday's rehearsal! It was great to see some new faces in the group as well. The students really appreciate seeing you! As always, please look on the Charms calendar and sign up for any chaperone opportunities that you are able to attend!

This week is by far our most active of the school year up until this point. We have spoken in all of the classes about time management, and this week will give the students an opportunity to really test how effective they are at budgeting their time. With three performances in a row, the students have to stay mentally focused on the tasks ahead of them both in all of our Band events as well as in all of their other classes and schoolwork.

Uniforms for this week's performances:

  • Homecoming Parade - 2019 Show Shirt, tan/khaki shorts, belt, athletic shoes
  • Fall Band Concert - Concert Tuxedo or Concert Dress
  • Football Game - Full Marching Band uniform

Let's have a great week!



Week of September 29, 2019

A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who helped things go so smoothly this week- with pre-game pizza, at the game on Friday, and lunch for Saturday’s rehearsal. All help is welcome and very much appreciated!

This week has LOTS of volunteer opportunities (see below). Chaperones are needed for parades, games, etc. for the safety and security of our students.

· Chaperone parade on 10/2 –sign up spots on Charms calendar and itinerary on the band website

· Help with set up or clean up for the anniversary concert on 10/3 (we have a reception after the concert, and this year will include special decorations, etc.)-sign up spots on Charms calendar

· Bring desserts for the reception after concert on 10/3 (no sign up, just drop by 6:45 p.m. on concert day in the auditorium lobby-suggested items: cookies, donuts, rice crispy treats, brownies-individual pieces-platters should be picked up after concert if you would like them back, as they cannot be stored). A reminder will be sent this week as well.

· Chaperone the homecoming game on 10/4 –sign up spots on Charms calendar

Thank you again, and have a wonderful week.



October 11: Away Football Game

October 12: Jazz Ensemble I at Winter Park Autumn Art Festival



Upcoming Payments Due:

10/2 Fair Share Payment #3 - $50 (All Students)

10/2 School Instrument Semester 1 Maintenance (Some Students)

Viewing your Student's Financial Account in Charms:

There is a direct link to Charms in "Quick Links" on the band website.

  • Our school code is winterparkhsband
  • The Student Area Password would be a unique password that either the student or parent have set up. (If you don't know the password it can be reset by one of the band directors).
  • Once you have logged into the Student Area, click on the round, red $ symbol on the top menu bar to view your student's account
  • If your student has earned Band Account Credit (in the Miscellaneous Ledger) this credit can be transferred to pay for many band fees: Fair Share, School Instrument Maintenance, Registration Fees for All-State, All-County and Solo Ensemble.

Requesting a Credit Transfer to pay for Fixed Payments Due:

  • Click on the "Transfer Request" tab just below the round, red $ symbol. Select the fixed payment you would like to pay for using the credit. The request is sent to the band directors and the band booster treasurer.
  • SENIORS: Please check your credit balance and use it accordingly during the year. Credit for Seniors left at the end of the year can only be transferred to siblings.


BUTTER BRAID - More Info Coming Soon!