Radiant Rebels April Newsletter!

"Double Dip for April"!

Happy April! Welcome to Quarter 2!

Did you know that April is like the "New November" in terms of sales potential?? If you are just starting your S & D business, or are thinking of kicking up your S & D business a notch, this is THE MONTH to do that!! What are your APRIL GOALS?
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FInd Your "Extraordinary" in April!!

I'm sure you already have seen this all over Facebook and in your email today! When you sell $500 in one month (500 PQV) you are a QUALIFIED stylist!! And, when you QUALIFY in April, you will earn this "extraordinary" bracelet from the S & D Home Office!! How amazing would it FEEL to wear this, knowing that you are 1/3 of the way to earning your $500 for $99 coupon for Q2 to sample to Fall line when it debuts in July?? No need to use the 50% discount- you will be getting those jewels for FREE!! See below for the NEW STYLEFIX PLAN!!
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Let's get this EXTRAORDINARY month started!!!

When you sell $200 (200 PQV) by April 5th, I will send you a Starbucks gift card!! A sweet treat for you for getting your month started on the right foot! Your next few lattes are on me!!! XO
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"Extraordinary" Step 1: BOOK YOUR OWN DOUBLE DIP SHOW IN APRIL!! Remember, we can do this twice in a calendar year as stylists... so why not now, one of the top 2 months for sales?? Choose one date in April that works for you... (I can help you hostess coach yourself- which can be hard, I know!). You will earn hostess rewards (hello Summer line!), commission (fun Blue Card purchase coming your way!), and you will be qualified for April- no brainer! Book your own show today, send out the invites using the Stella system, and grab a few outside orders from those who can't attend... I bet you will get at least $200 by April 5th!!