Tiger Family Newsletter Dec 7-13

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

Well, how did the first week of returning to Distance Learning feel? Answers will range from "Not too bad" to "I. Can't. Even." I think the whole world is right there with us. We are all having our own experience with this pandemic and its trickle-down effects. Today, I offer a different kind of encouragement- not "you can do it" necessarily, but more of a poetic reflection.

"...The things we learn through love and pain reduce our walls and bring our inner and outer life together. The simplest way to bring us closer to our true selves and each other is through the kinship of gratitude. Sometimes giving thanks for the mystery of it all brings everything and everyone closer. So take a chance and openly give thanks, even if you're not sure what for, and feel the plenitude of all that is living brush up against your heart." Mark Nepo

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

Attention 4th and 5th Grade "Permanent DL Families"

Starting January 11th, if your 4th or 5th grader has been on "permanent DL", your student will be moving to a new Distance Learning class with a new teacher who is fully devoted to distance learning only. The district office said on Friday that the new lists should be done next week so stay tuned for more information soon.