Light Signaler Alerts

Assistive Technology


Particularly important for people who have hearing loss or deafness. The computer translates sound into a flashing light. This sound, maybe from an email notification or a computer command, turns into a light that flashes so the user is aware of a change. Can also be small devices to alert someone of the doorbell or phone ringing.
Sonic Ring Jr Phone Signaler by Sonic Alert

Cost and Where to Buy

These Light Signaler Alerts can range from free to $200. Microsoft has a light signaler alert available for computer notifications such as incoming emails. Other types of devices are available to attach to the phone, fire alarm, or doorbell from a variety of sources. Retailers can be found online. Research should be first done through the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative. This initiative has demos and loans available!

Classroom Applications

Students who have hearing loss or deafness are not able to hear class bells, fire alarms, or computer notifications. This can not only be frustrating for students, but can be dangerous if the child is in the hallways or using the bathroom. With a light signaler, the child can know when alerts are happening and can react in the appropriate manner.