Brianne Frederick's SMART Goal

Get my car fixed by July 1st


Who: I am going to try to get my car- named Stanley- fixed.

What: I want my car fixed by July 1st, 2016.

Where: I am going to bring my car to a mechanic in either Salem, NH or Methuen, MA.

When: I want it fixed by July 1st so I have enough time to save up and so I have the whole summer to drive my car around worry free.

Which: I'm required to have a certain amount of money to get it fixed. Restraints would be not getting the money in time, Stanley giving out on me completely- which would stop me from earning money- and more things going wrong with my car. That would make it more expensive to get fixed.

Why: My car has been having a hard time lately. The second gear is corroded, it sound like a go cart ( which is pretty awesome but I was told it's not good), it screams at me when I take sharp turns, and I have a nail in one of the tires. If and when I get my car fixed, I can drive without worrying. Now I limit my driving. This summer I want to be able to drive up north without being scared I won't make it there or back.

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I like this picture because it makes me think about what adventures I could have this summer once my car is in good condition.


I will know I have reached my goal when my car is fixed. It will drive without sounding like a go car, second gear will work fine again, it won't scream when I turn, and there won't be any nails in any of the tires. I will drive without being scared of something bad happening again!
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Tire goals.


This goal should be very attainable. I've already saved up a little bit of money. I have a way to earn enough to fix my car too. As long as nothing drastic changes from now, I can get my car fixed by July 1st, maybe sooner.


My goal is not going to be to hard or too easy. I have people to fix it now I just need to save money for it, Obviously there is a chance something can happen like losing my job or my car dying all together. If it was too easy I would of had my car fixed by now. If it was too hard I probably would not have made it my goal.


I can not wait to experience my goal. I will be able to drive anywhere. I can drive for fun. I will be able to go places I want without pushing my car too hard. Experiencing a new/ fixed car will be awesome.