Andrew Jackson

The American Hero

The Humble Man

Andrew Jackson wasn't born into riches or royalty he was born into a normal life just like everybody else or even less poor depending on how you look at him. His father died before he was born so he took on responsibility as soon as he was born. He worked hard to get his education and sometimes had to self-educate himself. With him the "ordinary" man will be able to get more involved in the political world.
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The Spoil System

If you support Andrew Jackson then he will help you. A favor for a favor, if you support him then his idea, the Spoils System, will give you a job in the political world which will open up more jobs, and also get the common man more into politics instead of just the rich and wealthy.

Down With The Bank

Andrew Jackson is against the National bank. The National bank is only for the rich and wealthy and that is the exact reason why he is against it. He feels that there should be more state banks, so that all white people should be able to use it not just based on wealth class and social class.

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National To State

President Jackson in this political cartoon is fighting the National bank which is pictured as the Hydra which is multi-headed showing that Jackson has many enemies. The reason he is fighting the "Hydra" is because he doesn't believe its necessary because it only serves the wealthy class. Jackson's "fire" against the "Hydra" was that he got his treasury of state to distribute the money from the National bank to other state banks so all together the National bank would fail and collapse.