Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week 5/9-13/16

Hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. STAAR testing is in the books but we're still working around some AP testing. The countdown for summer has begun. Final exams are just around the corner so let's keep pressing on and finish strong!

Check out the links below to see what's happening in my classes this week!

Tutorial & Contact Information:

Tutoring: Tuesday/Thursday 2:35-3:15

Other times by appointment

Students will need a pass to attend any tutorial (available in my classroom)

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Fashion Marketing

We're working on promotion and advertising. Students will create a mini promotional campaign and then we will close out the semester with advertising and visual merchandising. The final will be a visual merchandising project and multiple choice test over promotion, advertising and visual merchandising.

The 5/2-9 Retake Test Design Segments/Clothing Fibers had no one express an interest in taking so far. If your student would like to retake, please have them let me know by Monday.

I'm available for tutorials before school any morning but Tuesday or after school on any day except Wednesday. Students must obtain a pass to attend any tutorial and those are available in my classroom.

Money Matters

We had to postpone the test from Friday because of a minor family emergency so theTEST VBPF TAXES/CREDIT REPAIR/SHOPPING/EDUCATION is rescheduled for Tuesday, 5/10.

We have already begun our final capstone projects that will account for our final exam. The first is the Stock Market Challenge 2016. Students should have already purchased $10,000 of stocks and begun to track their stocks. Several students did not create an account and I contacted the company to extend it to Friday and again until Monday. Please encourage your student to meet deadlines. If they have not created their accounts, they are already two weeks behind which will impact their grade on this part of the final exam substantially.

The second part of the final exam is the New Career Project in Virtual Business. Students will apply all the lessons learned into a final project with the end goal of reaching a net worth of $250,000! The simulation is only open during class time since it is part of the final exam.


We're finishing our business plan! The executive summary and cover page were given an extension and are due this week.

Our final exam has two options. The first option is a comprehensive presentation of the entire business plan. Students will create an ePortfolio in Canvas with all their business plan components and create a multimedia slide show of their business plan. Students will be able to add any missing component for a max 70 into their portfolio. Instructions for completing the portfolio are in the Capstone module in Canvas.

For Option 2, students may also choose to complete a virtual business simulation by managing a bicycle manufacturing company instead of the ePortfolio/Slideshow.

I was out Friday but left an announcement for students to complete a Google form indicating which option they choose. No one completed the form so they will have until Monday, 5/9 to indicate their choice. If no choice is indicated, I will assign the Virtual Business Management project.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

Other times by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom)

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