"Night" Themes, Lessons, and Ideas

By Sarah Mcdavitt, Hours 3/4

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

The camps de-humanized them. They became less like people and more like animals. Most of them no longer cared about their family, but only for their survival. Sons saw their father as a burden and made it clear that they didn't care for them any longer. Likewise, many did not care about other human beings, particularly when it came down to survival. There was a little bit of helping each other, like the people warning the children to stay in their block because they were to be shot, but overall, people turned into uncaring savages.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

This novel reveals that humans will stop caring about other humans under extreme circumstances. It also reveals that I (and all other humans) have the capability of doing lots of damage to countless people.