Scott Westerfeld


Tally Youngblood is a new pretty girl, in The New Pretty Town. All she wants to do is fit in with the crowd and achieve her goal of becoming a Crim. When Tally is accepted into the Crims, she gets closer to a boy she has been admiring from afar; Zane. Tally and Zane recieved a message that got them thinking about all of the unanswered questions, and everything that was so wrong, like not remembering their past. Tally and Zane together follow the instructions of the forbidden message, and what they find will change things forever.

"and kisses are a better fate then wisdom since feelings are first"


Overall I thought this book was 4.5, out of 5 stars.

It is a really good book in my opinion, and I think I might read the rest of the series. I suggest this book to the audience, of mostly teenage/young adult girls. I has romance, and adventure all into one. The book really keeps the love connection known throughout the enirtre book, and that really adds to the read.