Project Share - An Overview

Knowledge Knows No Boundaries

Project Share is a collection of Web 2.0 tools and applications that provides high quality professional development in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Project Share leverages existing and new professional development resources for K-12 teachers across the state and builds professional learning communities where educators can collaborate and participate in online learning opportunities.

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Epsilen - K-20 learning community. Free for all learners and educators with .edu or .k12 email addresses and for users at institutions who have licensed the Epsilen Environment for its teaching and learning products.

Texas Success - State funded, mathematics and reading online resources for all Texas public school students in grades 3-8.

MSTAR - Middle School Students in Texas Algebra Ready Universal Screener grades 5-8.

TxAIR - A web-based tool or resource items provided free to all Texas public and charter schools. Contains mathematics and science content covering grades 3-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), Biology, Chemistry and Physics TEKS. (former TMSDS system)

TSDS - Texas Student Data System is a new statewide system for collecting and reporting education data. Provides educators with tools to assess and take action to enhance student performance. TSDA replaces and expands on the existing Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).

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My ePortfolio

My ePortfolio is a collection of tools and options that help you to customize and manage the Web page your visitors see when they enter your Epsilen Web address.

The ePortfolio is a place for you to track and showcase your achievements (publications, certifications, and other works), publish information about what you’re working on (research, coursework), and publish an online resume for schools or employers to see.

You can also select your research or professional interests so others can find you, and you can control access to certain information using Access Keys.

Create or complete your ePortfolio:

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Access Keys - manage content and control permissions

Options - configure and manage your ePortfolio Menu

Epsilen Mail - check mail forwarding options


Learn to search Groups.

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Learn to search courses.

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Courses can also be found listed at the Project Share Region 6 Corner at:

Collaboration - My Networks

  • Explore My Network Channel Tabs
  • Explore My Networks
  • Explore Networks I've Been Added To
  • Create a New Network - For Example: Math Teachers ~ Add A Colleague to This Network.
  • Search for a Colleague - Add Them to Your Professional Network.

Content Repository

The New York Times Knowledge Network Repository

Project Share

Texas PBS Stations

Flatworld Knowledge

CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies

  • Organize content you find and want to teach with into "Templates"
  • From My Portal screen, click Content Repository link
  • Click "Open Content Repository" link to launch the search engine
  • Narrow search by choosing criteria that fits your needs
  • First results that come up are always the New York Times Knowledge Network. Click other tabs from other content partners along the top. You may, or may not, find resources in each of these tabs based on your search criteria.
  • Notice small blue arrows along the tab row allow you to display more content partner resources.
  • As you discover resources you intend to include, add them to the "Template Tray." (A template is like a bookshelf that stores your resources and keeps you from having to search for them repeatedly. Templates are also designed to be embedded into Epsilen courses for your students.
  • To add resources to a Template, simply click the small green "plus icon".

Managing Templates

  • After adding content resources to a template, click SAVE to edit the details.
  • Your template will now appear in your My Templates option at the top of the screen.
  • Templates can be added to lessons that you create for your students in courses or can be accessed by you for teaching purposes in the classroom.

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