It's Making Our Brains Different

And In A Good Way

What will happen?

The internet will make us "more literate in a different kind of way."

The way we measure intelligence in the future will be different from how we measure it today,"It won’t necessarily be how much you can retain, how much your hard drive can hold in your head, but it’ll be the way you can assess information, that you can think critically, that you can synthesize information."

If we continue to surf the internet like we do today, will it make us dumb?

When asked whether by 2020 it will be clear that the Internet enhances and improves, or diminishes and endangers reading, writing, and "the intelligent rendering of knowledge," 65 percent said the Internet will foster such improvements; 32 percent disagreed, and 3 percent did not respond.

can we be sure that the greatest source information from all over the world will make us dumb or more illiterate ? We can't just "throw away" the internet because a few people believe that it distracts us. People use the web for research papers, reading the news, or connecting with family.

The Internet.

The Internet is much more than just a place filled with pets doing funny things, Its a huge tub filled with valuable information, we just have to sift through all the cat videos to find what we need.
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