God of Wine and Intoxication

Who was Bacchus?

Bacchus was the God of wine and intoxication. Born from Zeus and Semele. He was the founder of the grape vine in which he used to make wine. In which, of course, made people drunk (intoxicated). He was also a cult leader to the Bacchae, his followers.

Grape Vine Introduced to The World

The first mortal to receive the grape vine from Bacchus was Oeneus, king of Calydon. Bacchus had visited him and, with Oeneus's carelessness, slept with his wife, Althaea. In return for his hospitality, the god gave Oeneus a grapevine, naming it wine. the next person to receive the vine was Icarius. Bacchus gave him the vine and taught him the art of wine making. Icarius wanted to share his blessing with others and gave wine to some shepherds. The shepherds liked the wine so much that they drank too much without water, becoming drunk and ended up killing Icarius, because they thought they were poisoned.
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Cult of Bacchus

The followers of Bacchus were called Bacchae. The Bacchae believed in pretty much drinking wine very frequently and becoming intoxicated. The Bacchae held celebrations to worship Bacchus. These parties/celebrations basically only had two things involved, drinking tons of wine, and having Orgies. These celebrations were banned in 186 B.C. Due to violence.

Bacchus would also enslave mortals and fight them to the death. His first mortal opponent was Lycurgus, king of the Edonians in Thrace. Lycurgus drove Bacchus away, chasing him and finally catching him. Lycrugus imprisoned Bacchus and treated him poorly.

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