Olivia Pieper

Reaching the Top

The hierarchy of needs table is an important part of psychology that relates to everyone. This table describes how each individual focuses to reach “self actualization” which is the need to fulfill your potential and use skills that are unique to to you. In order to reach this state individuals have to first maintain their psychological needs, safety needs, love needs and self esteem needs. I believe that I have definitely maintained up to love needs. Everyone can be at a different level, but it’s hard to know for sure. If a person doesn’t try to reach self actualization they will end up disappointed. This table has benefited me in many ways because it shows me what I need to feel successful in life.

Environment vs. Biology

Nature vs. nurture is an important concept of psychology that helps to explain certain diseases and concepts. This shows how both genetics, and the environment influence our behavior. Nature covers the heredity aspect, and nurture covers the environmental factors that can influence development. In life this is not only important to me, but others around me. Knowing the difference between nature and nurture can help to show me how I have became who I am today.

Learning what to do

Operant conditioning is a form of conditioning that results from actions and the consequences of those actions. An American psychologist Edward Thorndike developed the law of effect from operant conditioning. This law states that based on assumptions, that behavior is learned. It also states that the more closely the behavior is followed by a response, the more likely that behavior will be repeated. There was the Skinner Box experiment to go along with this law. I myself use operant conditioning all the time, and it definitely has a positive effect. A example of this is when I get an A+ on a science test, I get a gold star. Because of that, I study to try to get an A+.

Manage Stress

Coping with stress is very important in everyone's life because everyone deals with stress at some point in life. As a teenage girl, I am faced with a lot of stress, and it is always good to know how to cope and handle the stress that I am faced with on a daily basis. This lesson talked about a lot of methods to use to cope with stress. Examples of these include taking the pressure off, and keeping a healthy body and mind. For me it isn’t very easy to take the pressure off, but I know that I need to work on that. I am pretty good at keeping a healthy body because I am constantly active and eating right. Coping with stress is a very important part of everyone’s life because it helps us stay healthy.

Getting the Help Needed

Psychotherapy is a very important part of psychology because it helps people overcome their disorders. It is extremely important to those who suffer from depression and anxiety. There are four main approaches to psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic focuses on the unconscious holding all of our secrets and desires. Humanistic is client centered and doesn't include prodding or pushing. Behavioral is is changing the client's actions in a step by step process. Cognitive- Behavioral is using interactions of thoughts and actions. Each of these approaches helps people in a different way. This is important because it applies to a lot of people. Some are to embarrassed, scared, or do not know that help is out there. It is also good to understand that psychotherapy doesn't involve drugs. This is important to me because I know it is there if I ever need this, or if I know someone who does.