How to make a Hot Diggidy Dog.

Jarrin Guizar and Delon Botha

Materials you need

  • Hot dog (Weiner)
  • Hot dog Bun
  • Microwave
  • Ketchup Sauce (optional)
  • Mustard (also optional)
  • Some knowledge on how to use a microwave
  • Plate

The steps required

1. Remove plastic wrapping from the hot dogs.

2. Take one hot dog and put it on a plate.

3. put the hot dog in the microwave on High for 25 seconds (give or take).

4. once the hot dog is done heating up remove it from the microwave.

5. Let the hot dog cool for about 10-30 seconds before picking it up again.

6. Remove the plastic packaging from the buns.

7. grab one bun from the bag.

8. place bun on plate with the hot dog.

9. split the bun open.

10. place the hot dog in bun (you can also heat the bun up if you like).

11. put condiments on the now ready made hot dog. (optional)

12. Enjoy your hot dog!

How to make a hot dog