Sanctuary Choir Notes

September 10, 2013

I believe...

...we made it through that anthem! Thanks for hanging in there. There were more pitfalls in I Believe in Jesus than I realized. Sorry about that. Nice work singing with conviction even through some uncertainty. You are a poised group. JLM was beautiful. Thank you for your part in opening the sacred space. You are a gift.

This Week
We sing at all the services this Sunday as well. We also begin our 6:30 section time this week with the ALTOS. Full rehearsal will begin at 7:00.

Sukkot Worship 0n Wednesday, September 25
On Wednesday, September 25, we will have a Sukkot worship at 6:30. Therefore, that night, we will begin rehearsal at 7:30. BUT, hope you will be able to attend the worship. The service will be less than an hour and will be a combined effort with our New Heights Community. It will be a joyful worship in response to all that God provides for us.

We are now indicating worship singing commitment at rehearsal on Wednesday night. Please find the clipboard for your section and indicate your Sunday participation. Thanks for tending to this. It has been helpful in anthem planning. Please know that your voice does matter and is needed, each week.

Thanks for the cards
Thank you for the birthday cards. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of them. A beautiful gift from each of you. You are a generous and loving people. I am grateful to be in ministry with each of you.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Ruth Ann

This Week and a Little More

Wednesday, September 11
Alto Sectional at 6:30
Full Rehearsal at 7:00

Sunday, September 15
Come with Shouting (Offertory)

9:30 and 11:00
A Heart of Grace (Offertory)
We Are Called (Hymn from FWS - we will teach the congregation)

Wednesday, September 18 - Sukkot Worship at 6:30
Choir at 7:30.

A Heart of Grace
Give me, O Lord, a heart of grace, a voice of joy, a shining face, that I may show, where'er I turn, Thy love within my soul doth burn.
Though life be sweet and joy be dear, be in my mind to quiet fear, a patient strength in pain and care, a friend in dark despair.
A tenderness for all that stray, with strength to help them on their way. a cheerfulness, a heavenly mirth brightening my steps along the earth. Amen.
Rosa Mulholland

Below: Tryptych: Hearts Journey by Quinn
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For those who mourn: Prissy and family in the death of her father in July; Frances and family in the death of her father in July; Lori's son and daughter-in-law in the loss of the baby in July.

For those fighting cancer: Molly P., Erwin M. (Glenda), Gary G., Roger L., Ann L., Virlie's cousin, Chris D., Alix (Cynthia's sister), Keith R. (Billie), Linda Tucker (surgery 8/12)

For encouragement: Gary Bethke (Jane Ann) recovering from surgery, David R., Carolyn J., Elizabeth N., Ashley Roper and her family, Janice Tracy (Bob) - possible spinal implant surgery

For new college freshmen: Ben Parmer, Matthieu St. Romain, Miranda Dunn (MItzi's granddaughter), Travis Wert, Harley Jones.

Below: Psalm 5, Hallelujah Morning by Virginia Wieringa

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Happy Birthday - Gary Gaut (12th) - grateful for his faithfulness and amazing perseverance

Tom and Carolyn Spurgeon's daughter, Jennifer, was married earlier this month.

New Grandchildren!!!
Carol and Ron Ross have a new grandson - Jamison Crawford Ross, born September 4!!!

Margaret has a new granddaughter born September 6!!

On the Light Side

This guy's father dies, and he tells the undertaker he wants to give his dad the very best. So they have the funeral and the undertaker sends him a bill for $16,000. He pays it. A month later he gets a bill for $85, which he pays. The next month there's another $85 bill, and the next month there's another. Finally, the guy calls up the undertaker. The undertaker says, "Well, you said you wanted the best for your dad, so I rented him a tux."
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He will take great delight in you...

...He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17.

Macrina Wiederkehr wrote a short prayer that always takes me aback. As a matter of fact, it is difficult for me to pray.
Lord, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.
This goes against my 'conditioning.' Shouldn't the last phrase be - no matter how terrible it is? Aren't we supposed to always be improving, correcting and tweaking ourselves? Our children? But, ahhh, I think that's what this new sermon series is as children of a loving Father, living as beloved children. Not as ones loved because we have achieved many great things, but because we are...fearfully, wonderfully and even beautifully made.
I wonder if this is why we celebrate be reminded that we are worth being celebrated. We are worth being sung over. You are worth being sung over.

Look forward to being with you tomorrow night.
Ruth Ann

P.S. So many great birthday cards. I will be sharing them bit by bit in the notes. (see below) Also, check out Mary Lou's Nouwen posts on The City.

Celebrate like someone forgot to lock the gate!! You are worth that!!
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