Mali Red Cross Workers are Safe

Three Mali workers went missing but are safe now


S- Last week, 3 workers went missing in Mali but are safe now.

O- The workers were found and were brought into care.

A- The author is Joe Bavier and the audience is the American public.

P- Inform

S- Three Red Cross workers went missing last week, However, they were found and taken to be cared for.

Tone- Hopeful


Geneva- A city in Mali.

Kidal- A small town in Mali.

Accost- Approach or progress boldly or aggressively.

Separatist- A person who supports the separation of a particular group of people from a larger body.

Militant- A militant person.


I am happy to hear that 3 people were safe from harm in Mali. The company Red Cross located in Geneva lost 4 people about a week ago when they were on their way back from Kidal. One made his way back on Sunday and said a man on a motorcycle accosted them and forced them to follow him.

Fortunately, the last 3 safely made it back today. They said they were safely let free and returned back to the city.

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