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Creek News: May 9 - May 13, 2022

Important Announcements

Rangers are self-directed learners, caring citizens and positive world changers.

Thank you for celebrating our teachers and staff last week.

Thank you to our RCE PTO for all the wonderful surprises and delicious treats they provided the staff.

PTO Pre-Ordered School Supply Kits - have you ordered yours?

Pre-Orders for next year's School Supply Kits are open now! Save time and money. Supply Kits come with the exact school supply list items. Be sure to order yours for next years' grade level.

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A Note from Nurse Linsdey



Parents: Please make sure you've created a Parent Portal account

It is more important than ever for parents to create a PARENT PORTAL account in PowerSchool. We will now use PowerSchool to better serve our students and families. Important forms, such as the yearly transportation form, will only be available on the Parent Portal. You will also be able to view your child’s attendance and grades.

You should have received an email with the Access ID and Password for those who do not already have an account created. Please follow the easy-to-use guide to create an account for your student(s). You may also find these instructions and the link to create the account on our district website, located under I AM/A PARENT-GUARDIAN/POWERSCHOOL.

If you have not already created an account, please do so as soon as possible. If you did not receive an email with your child’s account information, contact RCE to request this information.

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Thank you for supporting the GOTR toy drive

Our GOTR team will have 100's of toys to deliver to the PRISMA Childrens Hospital because of your support. Thank you to everyone who donated a toy to the GOTR teams cause.

Help us find our former Rangers

Do you know a former RCE student who's graduating this year? Help us spread the word. RCE invites them to attend our Legacy Walk on May 20th.
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the RCE Career Vehicle Day

A note from your RCE Guidance Counselors

Dear Parents,

As part of our counseling program, we would love to have your feedback on this school year. Please take a quick moment to fill out our google survey so we can plan for our next school year. We appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you,

Rocky Creek Counselors

Need a special birthday treat for your child's class

The Lexington One Food Service and Nutrition offers families the opportunity to purchase classroom celebration treats. Choices include: slushies, cupcakes or cookies. Order here.

Reminder: Covid protocol still does not allow sharing outside cupcake and cookies in the building.

Looking ahead: Testing Dates for 3rd - 5th Grade

Parents please try to not schedule any appointments or dismiss your students before lunch time if at all possible during this time.

  • 3rd Grade

    • Tuesday, May 10 - ELA Session 1

    • Wednesday, May 11 - ELA Session 2

    • Thursday, May 12 - Math

  • 4th and 5th Grade

    • Monday, May 16 - ELA Session 1

    • Tuesday, May 17 - ELA Session 2

    • Wednesday, May 18 - Math

    • Thursday, May 19 - Science (4th Grade only)

Reminders to volunteers

Please make sure you have completed the Volunteer Application and it has been approved before you come to help your teacher. A new application must be completed each school year.

Click here to complete the application in English.

Click here to complete the application in Spanish.

Visitors and Volunteers

RCE is so happy to welcome you back inside our building.

Come mentor a child, eat lunch with your student, or serve in the classroom.

Enjoy lunch with your child.

Last names A-J may attend on EVEN DAYS.

Last names K-Z may attend on ODD DAYS.

Volunteers: please make sure you have completed an application before you volunteer.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application (Spanish)

Volunteer for grade 4K - 2nd grade at RCE on Monday and Wednesday.

Volunteer for 3rd grade - 5th grade at RCE on Tuesday and Thursday.

Learn more about volunteering for Lexington One here.

For more information call the RCE office at 803-821-4200.

Support RCE when you shop on Amazon!

Hey Rangers! Do you shop frequently on Amazon? Did you know Amazon has a feature that gives back to organizations? The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate .5% of the purchase price (of your eligible purchase) and we all know every bit helps!!

To set this feature up click on the link below. You may also use this option next time you login to your account. Click on the main menu and choose AmazonSmile under Programs and Features. Then select Rocky Creek PTO as your charity. From there follow the instructions listed on the page.

Thank you again for the many ways you continue to support the PTO and RCE!!!!

Rangers attendance is important.


Families your children are important to us and we want them here each day!

SC State Attendance Guidelines

  • Please remember to submit medical and parent note excuses when your child returns to school. Excuses should be submitted no later than 3 days of returning from an absence.

  • 5 Unexcused or 3 Consecutive Unexcused absences are considered truant

  • Limit of 10 parent note excuses per year

Early Dismissals from School

If your child needs to be dismissed early from school, please be sure to arrive prior to 2:00 pm. In order to keep everyone prepared and safe for dismissal, we are unable to dismiss students after 2:00 pm.

Updated Morning Drop Off Procedures

  • Please have students ready when they reach the unloading zone. Use your time in the line to find a mask and get it on, gather book bag and lunch box, put on jackets, etc. The quicker our students exit vehicles, the quicker the line will move.

  • Please pull all the way forward to the car in front of you. We aim to have 4 cars in front of the crosswalk. Your children may exit the car once you've come to a stop without the door being opened for them.

  • Parents and drivers should not leave their vehicle to assist with unloading students.

  • You may use either the front car loop OR the back bus loop for morning drop off. Students may only be walked to the door at the front, since we do not have a crossing guard in the back.
  • Students may not be dropped off prior to 7 am. If you arrive before 7:00, your child must wait in the car until an adult opens the doors and comes outside at 7. It is not a safe practice to drop off students before 7:00 because they will be unsupervised.
  • The tardy bell rings at 7:40 am. Doors are locked at 7:40, and any children arriving after this must be walked all the way in to the front office and signed in.
  • Always exit from cars along the sidewalk curb. At no time are children to exit from the left side of the vehicle.

Zipper Method in Afternoon Car Line

It is VERY important that everyone follow the zipper method (one car from the left lane, one from the right, one from the left, etc.). When just one person tries to go out of turn, it messes up our loading zone because cars are not at the right lettered cone, and our students become confused. Thank you for following this procedure. If you are not the person picking up your child, please ensure that the person who does understands this.

Afternoon Car Line Reminders

  • Use the "zipper method" to keep the traffic car from the left, one car from the right.

  • Have car tags displayed until your child gets in your car. Visible numbers help us to ensure that students are loaded into correct cars at each cone, and having it ready while in line helps move the line along, rather than having to wait for you to find the number. If you need additional car tags, please email

  • In the afternoon, parents and drivers should not leave their vehicle to assist with buckling students. If you need to assist your child with buckling, please move up to the gold cone. If you need to exit the vehicle for this, please pull into a parking space for your safety.

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