Hillary Clinton

Think About Your Children

Hillary compared to Trump is somewhat of a better leader or at least demonstrates that she is. It's evident that her and Sanders are by far, way more mature then Trump. When people ask her questions about immigration, taxes, jobs, or even abortion she responds with an answer and explanation of what she's going to do in order to accomplish what she says. One thing that people like about her is that she doesn't make promises that she can't keep. For example when Sanders believes that community college can be accomplished Hillary attacks him by saying "Don't make promises that you can't keep."

Honestly it's possible that Clinton can actually help this country; or as Trump would say make America great again, in a good way. The battle that she is having trouble winning is with Sanders and the reason why she's beating him for now is because she has most of the minority votes. She is also well known because of her husband the reputation of the name clinton is pushing her to the lead. Either way I feel like she has a better chance of beating trump when presidential elections come around.


  • Clinton wants immigration reforms with a path to full and equal citizenship.
  • She beliefs that politicians have no business interfering with a woman's health decision.
  • Wants more reforms to avoid guns to go to the wrong hands.
  • Wants higher taxes on the rich.
  • Plans to defend the Affordable Care Act and attack drug stores with excessive prices.
  • Wants to cut back taxes on middle class and raise minimum wage.
  • Had full support for LGBT groups, plans to end discrimination in this country.

Personal Quotes

" We're always going to argue about abortion. It's a hard choice and it's controversial, and that's why I'm Pro-Choice because I want people to make their own choice." Honesty that's the best option for this type of situation, the government should have no say in what a women does to her own body. Sure abortion is a terrible idea but if that's what the mom wants then she's the one who is going to live with that guilt for the rest of her life.

" We need more good jobs that reward hard work with raising wages, dignity, and a latter to a better life." This country has the biggest gap between the wealthy and the poor. It's time to stop the rich getting richer and start helping the middle and lower class. Only about 1% of Americans hold all the money in America, the rest are the middle and the lower class. I think it's time to settle this inequality wealth gap.

" I will enact comprehensive immigration reforms and create a clear path way to citizenship. Keep families together, end family detention and close private immigrant detention centers." Sounds like a plan. I hope you keep your word with this. I love how this country was built from immigrants, but hate how the U.S. declines citizenship to illegal immigrants who are looking for a better life in a better country. This is exactly what the British, Germans, Irish, Italians, spaniards, and Portuguese did back in the 1600s if they did it why can't the illegal immigrants of today can't do it.

" I'm going to invest in the infrastructure, create projects that focus on building bridges and improving highways to create jobs. Raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour and raise the taxes on the rich." I'm loving the idea, again, I hope you keep your word with this when you become president. I hope you're not all talk like Donald Trump.