Elk Island National Park

Climate Change


Elk island national park was established in 1913. This national park is located in Alberta- Park Geocentroid. The more specific points is 53.59°N, 112.88°W. This park is only 194km. That makes the park Somewhat smaller than most of the national parks in Canada. This park is in the Boreal plains.


The important features in this park is the its in the Southern Boreal Plains and Plateaux, Remnant of The Aspen Parkland, This park protects elk, They have many different species such as " moose, bear, beaver and coyotes" there is also inhabit the hills and stands of aspen.
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Learning Experiences

Elk island National Park offers things like discovering what makes the park so special, whether you are alone or with your family there is many exiting ways to discover Everything special about this park. They allow school field trips, park programs, Astotin theatre, Elk island discovery kits.


  • Spring +2.0 to +5.0
  • Summer +1.0 to +3.0
  • Fall + 2.0 to +4.0
  • Winter +2.0 to +5.0


  • Spring +2.0 to +29
  • Summer -11 to +17
  • Fall -10 to +36
  • Winter +4 to +29

Impact Of Climate Change

  • This park has a doubling impact of CO2 that may increase this will make the fire weather index ratio of 1.0 in the region, The park may or may not be able to adapt to the fire, The fire will destroy the main forests, the gradual change in species around the ecosystem, If it doubles the boreal species and their habitats would eventually disappear.

  • Lake and stream temperatures can be expected to increase under warmer conditions. Most will shift northward by approximately 150 km for every 1 degree Celsius rise in average temperature, Most serious climate impact of all of them.

  • With Temperature increases favouring intrusion of grassland into previously forested areas. Animal species favoured by grassland such as elk, western meadowlark and bager, will be more likely to adapt to changing conditions.
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This park have many interesting activities for people to do such as, camping, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, golfing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. This park has many different animal species, The is a great opportunity for anyone to have fun and also learn a lot about this park.
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