The Sawed Off Slugger!

The Worst Baseball Bat In Existence!

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The Worst Bat on the Rack

The sawed off slugger provides a great bat for any age. The bat comes complete with a knob and shaft. There is even a barrel edition for big whiffs. There are three types of the bat- Wood, Composite, and Aluminum. 100% of ALL swings will not connect! This bat is allowed by the MLB and Little League. Do you think you are good enough to use this wonderful bat? If so, come on down to your local sports shop. Many MLB players love this bat and use it all the time during off season, like Anthony Rizzo, David Ortiz, and even Babe Ruth! These players have had a 100% satisfactory rate, so why won't you? The bat has become the number 1 bat of usage during little league! This bat will increase the amount of broken fingers by 75%! Whats not great about that? America's beloved sport is changing, why shouldn't you?

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Our shop, located on a remote Pacific island, provides a safe haven for ball players. We have a vast selection in our little dirt shack. From Demerini, to Louisville Sluggers, we have em all! So head on down, today might be your lucky day!