Face or Book ?

How to be careful on Facebook

Facebook ? Why not ?!

Facebook is the new way for young people to communicate. People can post and share photos, videos, its feelings ...
What better way to stay abreast of what is going to junior high school ? We can even find old friends !


We all have personalities. There are also people who have two personalities: their true personality and e-personality. The e-personality is the personality on the internet. It is different from the real personality. The e-personality is one that allows us to express what we would'nt necessarily say in real life.
You can become more sociable but meaner or more childlike

Cyberbullying ?! It will never happen to me !

Do you think cyberbullying never get you? Everything can change very quickly.

This requires you to be careful what you post on social networks.

It also requires you to be careful with your "friends" with who you chat. You don't know with who you're really talking...

And especially don't do to others what you would'nt they do to you !


You can apply all the above tips and have no problems on social networks. Or don't apply this and expose you the dangers of the Internet.
You can become depressed or commit suicide.
You can stop school just because rumors, and lose your profesional life.

So prefer your books to your face !

Who are we ?

We are students in the high school Elisabeth Mole to France, near from Paris, that make prevention of social networks

You need some help ?

If you are or have been a victim of cyberbullying, go to www.cyberbullyhelp.com !