The Morris Minute

November 2018

Welcome to The Morris Minute!

This is the place to find updates for staff, parents, and families of Morris Elementary. Thank you for checking it out!

From The Desk of Mr. Anderson...

Hello Morris Families!

We have had some wonderful fall weather these last few days! I wanted to extend an early "thank you" for having students prepared with sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and gloves when necessary! We try to reinforce with our students that it may not be to full temperature until they leave school. Generally, most of our students understand that, but sometimes we see students not have enough layers to feel comfortable outside. We love to see all of our friends able to go out and play and have a great time during recess.

Each year around this time, I like to share our guidelines for decisions on whether students will be outside or inside during drop off in the morning, and recesses throughout the day. If the "feels like" temperature drops below 32 degrees when students are dropped off in the morning, we will bring students inside to wait until 8:10, the usual time bring students into the building. They will then be released to the classrooms. If the "feels like" temperature drops below 10 degrees during the school day, recesses are inside. We also check the temperatures for our afternoon car pick up and typically match decisions based upon our afternoon recess temperatures. The biggest difference between the two (recess and drop-off/pick-up) is the level of activity. Just sitting in the cold is not the same as bundling up and running around.

As we say goodbye to Halloween, we welcome in the Thanksgiving season! I wanted to say thank you for your efforts with your children. We have great kids here at Morris and we attribute a lot of that to you, and the partnership you have all taken on with their teachers. I am thankful for a great staff that tries hard every day for OUR KIDS! Keep up the great work communicating with your child's teacher. Report cards will be coming home soon. As always, reach out to the teachers if you have any questions.

Happy start to the holidays to you all! Hard to believe the next Morris Minute will be last Morris Minute of 2018! (Can that really be true?)

Mr. Anderson

Important Dates to Remember

November 5 - 2pm Dismissal

November 6 - Picture Retake Day (at Morris & Anderson)

November 6, 7, & 8 - AEA Hearing Screens

November 12 - 2pm Dismissal

November 16 - Report Cards Go Home

November 19 - 2pm Dismissal

November 21-23 - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

November 26 - 2pm Dismissal

December 3 - 2pm Dismissal

December 6 - 2nd Grade Concerts

December 10 - 2pm Dismissal

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CONGRATS to our Red Ribbon Week Coloring Contest Winners! They all received a certificate, a medal, and will get to eat lunch with Mr. Anderson one day next week.

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Please remember to save Box Tops for Morris Elementary! Our school puts all box top money towards new library books. Last year, we were able to get more than $500 worth of awesome new books for our students! Your students can turn box tops in at the office, or to their classroom teacher.

Backpack Program

The Backpack Program is a partnership between The Food Bank of Iowa and Bondurant-Farrar Elementary Schools. The goal of this program is to help end childhood hunger in Iowa and assist preschool through fifth grade families that are experiencing financial hardship or food insecurity. On Fridays, a Backpack food bundle is put into the backpack of each participating student. The Backpack bundles are made up of packaged food items that can easily be opened or prepared by children for a two-day weekend. If you are a family who would like to participate in this program or have more questions, please contact Mrs. McConnell at

Drop Off / Pick Up Procedure

Continue to follow the drop off / pick up map and the directions of the adults in the crosswalk. Student safety is our number one priority.

Car pick up line students are dismissed at 1:50pm on Mondays and 3:20pm Tuesday through Friday. All students should be picked up by 2:15pm on Mondays and 3:40pm the rest of the week.

All vehicles should have a sign in the passenger window with the student's name and grade listed. We appreciate your help in following the drop off and pick up procedures to ensure a smooth and event free drop off and pick up each day!

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A few notes from Ms. Jen

Whew! Busy times at Morris and it does not seem to be slowing down!

If I ever seem rushed or distracted, it may be due to the fact that I have 550 (up to 551 next Tuesday) students, 70 teachers and support staff, and over 1100 parents to take care of on a daily basis. Oh, and did I mention construction workers, delivery people, and visitors? And then the copy machines....Oof. It can be a little much sometimes. I know many of you are used to me being able to buzz you in immediately when you arrive. If I am in the workroom sorting mail, delivering something to a classroom, or checking in deliveries, there may be a delay. Your patience is always appreciated.

Also, I can't always get to the phone, even though I sit right next to it. :) Mornings between 8-8:30 should be reserved for emergencies and attendance calls only - If you have an issue that can wait or may take longer than a few minutes, please wait until after the school day begins to make that call. I generally have to triage emails in the morning as well, so please be patient until I can get back to you. The same can be said for the last half hour of the school day. Changes to pick up arrangements can be extremely difficult to communicate, and I am often on the phone and two different radios at the same time. Any calls not related to pick up that afternoon should be made before then or wait until a calmer time the next day. I really do appreciate your help in keeping my sanity intact. (Well, we can try, right?.....) :)

One last note - in the spirit of Thanksgiving - THANK YOU for being so supportive of our teachers, staff and students - and thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us. They give us multiple reasons to smile every day. Have a wonderful November - hope you can get some rest and relaxation in somewhere along the way.


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