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3 Things You Need to Know About the 5-1am and 12-8am Shifts!

Did You Know...

...that Jen Swoyer is an awesome artist? She has been working on a massive painting of the Pittsburgh skyline for the last year; a piece commissioned by her brother-in-law. She has also previously entered pieces in Art All Night. Jen is also fluent in German and during our ModKiller Day gift and feedback exchange, Alexis wrote her a note entirely in German!


2-10 and 5-1 took a queue from Rebecca and Team DayMaker and introduced a CC Core Values contest last night. The contest will run through next week and offers team members the opportunity to win one of five prizes. To help organize the event, we created a googledoc form for submissions and announced the contest via S'more! You can check it out here. (Thanks Rebecca for the idea!)


Josh has been doing an awesome job as Assistant Lead lately. To help him get more experience, I have him taking the reins on certain coaching conversations. He is having touch bases with all my new hires to talk expectations, stats and provide feedback. By taking on this responsibility, Josh is really helping establish himself as a source of leadership and guidance on the team.


To help ease my new agents into meeting production goals, I created specialized tracking sheets with lower goals. For their first month on, their goal is 5 IPH and 6 IPH for their second month. By their third month, they should be totally comfortable hitting their production goal of 6.25! I've had great success with this system so far and it gets the agents in the habit of tracking their interactions. I uploaded both sheets to googledocs for easy access. Here is the 5.0 IPH sheet and here is the 6.0 IPH sheet.