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Project by: Michael Rojo

Advice Column

Dear, Carolyn Hax

(Sam)Lately I've been having this feeling that I like this girl(Vienna) that I've been friends with for a long time. We do everything together, I mean everything, but I don't know if she's feeling the same I am about her. I mean look at me I'm just a kid with a scrawny body and absolutely no muscle what so ever. So do you have any advice to where I can ask how she feels about us.


First of all, have the guts to ask her the question. Also make sure it's at the right time, maybe when ya'll are on a walk at the park or something that's just the both of ya'll. Second, start off with a conversation don't just dip right in to the question, make her feel comfortable and then after a while ask the question. Third, if things don't go as planned then that's okay just be friends. Hope you found my advice useful.

Hey hackers, check out this new movie Brain Jack!!

Are you a person who loves to play with technology? Then please keep reading, check out this new movie called Brain Jack based off the book Brain Jack by Brian Falkner. It's about a kid named Sam Wilson as he figures out about this new Neuro Headset that takes over your brain. So then he is going to try and put a virus into the headsets data and shut it all down. But your going to have to see it yourself to see who wins this.

Chaos by 8 yr old boy who wears Neuro Headset!!

On November 15th a boy out of Michigan in the mall walking with his family wearing the Neuro Headset starts randomly crushing things, literally crushing to pieces. His parents told us he has been acting not himself lately ever since he got the new Neuro Headset. After police come to the seen the boy runs out of control and gets away and has been missing for about 48 hours now. If you've seen this boy please notify police immediately.
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Help Wanted

We're looking for hackers with good experience who has a passion for hacking. We would like to use you for a project the company is testing before it goes viral. So if there is any hackers out there call this number 1-800-581-0009. Thank you.
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