16.1 sports coaching

roles, responsibilities and skills


Being a trainer is not easy as there are many things that are needed to be remembered such as unique drills for different sports and also a different age. a good understanding of health and training principles. A trainer also needs to be aware of the physical, technical and tactical demands of specific sports. Some trainers are different to others for example one trainer would have to do drills with a basketball team so they would have to worry about more people and think more harder about drills depending on if the whole squad turns up or not, whereas another trainer would only worry about one person as they are doing one to one coaching with a tennis player, this subject is based on team vs. individual.


Having a friend during training is good for both of you because it gives both of you a chance to improve on your activities as you can help each other. For example if you go to the gym and you are working out and you are doing some thing wrong then your friend can help you out before you end up pulling a muscle or hurting yourself. However, if you are all by your self then then the risk of you getting injured is higher as you won't have a clue to your own mistake. A friend is also there to support you as they know what you are capable of doing and what you aren't capable of doing. Training with a friend that you know personally can make a massive difference to your performance especially when they are the same age or level as you. Planning your sessions with your friend can be beneficial as both of you can work together and also build on your strengths and work more on your weakness and that way both of you would have similar goals to be achieved by the end of the week, session or year. Another thing about a friend is that you can talk to them one to one and they will always have sometime so that they can help you with any problems or difficulties that you may be facing due to whatever the reason where as a manager won't really have the time for you as they have an entire team that they must manage and have control over. The last reason to why a friend is good is that they can help you fully analyse your performance and also give you tips on how you can improve whereas a manager won't really have the time for all that as they have he rest of the team to take care of.


The responsibility of a manager is mainly to make sure that the team is on track and also to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. They also have the duty to make sure that everyone is in good mental and physical health especially if they hire personal trainers from elsewhere. For example in basketball the manager has the duty to allocate the roles of the players according to there ability. They also have to ensure that the players are receiving personal training on a regular bases so that they can build on there skills therefore the manager must hire trainers according to the players. They would also have to job fix games and matches. Being a manager is not an easy job as they have to take care of the entire team and also have to make sure that the players are receiving everything they need to make the players perfect. The advantages of a command style manager would be mainly for beginners usually when explaining basic skills and techniques command style managers also have a good a good method of controlling a group and keeping large groups safe. However,the advantages for a guided discovery style manager would be that they are often used with professional and experts. They can also help develop self confidence, understanding and decision making skills. they also help increase athletes' motivation when they feel down for any reason. However, a command style manager only works in isolation as it is difficult to examine athletes as they don't have enough knowledge and understanding also because the athletes are solely controlled by the coach. Where as, a guided discovery style manager lacks structure to the sessions they also can not develop techniques without coach's intervention and they also take longer to meet desired goals and targets as they have less time.

role model

When leading sports activities it is the coaches duty to to be a good role model towards the athletes as they have the job to train them. Being a good role model means using formal and correct language for that situation and also use appropriate behaviour suitable for the situation. Being a role model you should also accept responsibility for the conduct of athletes as thay have taken on the role of a coach and they should also encourage positive and none discriminatory behaviour as that can cause problems for you and that team and for the manager that manages that team.

They should also set an example by coming to sessions with the correct clothing and attitude by doing this it encourages the athletes to also do the same as the coach sets an example and shows how good you are.


Another thing they have to take into consideration is how you communicate with the trainers. Being clear when you communicate is very important as not all trainers are not able to understand gestures and signs for example children on there first day of training won't understand gestures and signs as they aren't very familiar with them. However, some one that has been doing training for a good few years are more likely to understand gestures and signs as they are more experienced with that type of communication.

time managment

Being a coach is not easy as there are many things that have to be taken in to consideration. One of the most important thing is time keeping. A coach must have control over the time as many trainers are young of age and that need to be picked up and dropped off by there perent or guardian as the they don't have the ability to make it to and from the training venue on there own. However, if the trainers are old enough to make to and from the venue on there own then the coach may extend the session a little. Even then the trainers need enough sleep and time to regain energy as well as the coach especially if they live far from the venue as it takes time to travel to and from the venue.

Problem solving

That coaching environment can be very unpredictable as there are many things that can stop you from continuing your session such as participants, equipment, facilities, opponents, transport or many other. Coaches must have the ability to make sure that the problems are solved before hand as that could potentially stop the session due to lack of equipment, bad weather, or carelessness. They should also be able to spot problems before they get worse and also predict the situation so that the session can continue as normal.

legal obligations

Before working with children a coach must be the subject of a CRB check. Any pervious convictions will be taken into consideration and the decision will be made by the organisation after they have gone through the CRB check. Then they shall decide whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. In some instances the people that have criminal records have a less better chance of getting there dream job as they are restricted from certain types of jobs. They must also be aware of the children act (2004) and the signs and symptoms of child abuse. This act provides a legislative for services working with children and young people to improve there health, development and well being.


sports coaches are required to have appropriate insurance that can cover to participate in physical activity as well as leading a session. whilst the athlete is under there supervision it is there duty to make sure that he/she is safe. if the athlete is injured and the coach does not do anything about it then it shall be considered liable and could be deemed negligent.

proffesional conduct

A coach should behave appropriately as they should set an example by coming to sessions with the correct clothing and attitude by doing this it encourages the athletes to also do the same as the coach sets an example and shows how good they are. They should also have good knowledge of the sport that they are teaching; they should have the correct qualifications and relevant experience. They should also set an example by using the correct terminology and language they shall also respect all athletes of all abilities and treat them equally.

Knowledge Of Coaching Environment

As a coach being able to know how to use your own sporting environment is vital as its part of becoming a coach before you're even qualified to be a coach. Reason being is because you'll need to know the type of clothing and equipment that your athlete will need to use in order to be safe when participating in physical sport or activities. For example if you was a coach and you usually train your athlete in a sports hall that you know and the sport for example was badminton then you will have to know the main hazards and who would be affected, also the severity and probably of the hazard being a risk, normally a risk assessment would be done.