Augusto Pinochet

By: Melissa Santay

Augusto's Profile

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte also known as Augusto Pinochet was born on November 25, 1915 in Valparaiso,Chile and he died on December 10, 2006. At a young age Augusto was the leader of the military Juanta, and during his leadership he overthrew the socialist government of President Salvador Allende of Chile on September 11, 1973. After this Augusto was named head of the Jaunta's government council. During this he moved to crush Chile's liberal opposition. In the first three years the regime arrested approximately 130,000 people. Many of them were tortured. In 1974 Pinochet became president of Chile. As president Augusto was determined to exterminate leftism in Chile and to reassert free-market policies in the country's economy. Augustso was condemned for its extreme harsh suppression. Augusto remained president for an eight-year term until 1989. He also served another eight-year term after that. He remained in office until the new Christian Democrat, Patricio Aylwin, on March 11,1990.

Augusto's Appearance

Augusto did not want to be a cruel dictator he actually wanted to listen to the citizens of Chile. He only used aggressive dictatorship when Chile needed to be disciplined. Augusto did everything and anything he had to do in order to protect his homeland. He loved his country very much. Though he was extremely selfish and only thought about himself. He did not take the citizens safety into consideration. His appearance was very important to him, he was always dressed in very formal to any occasion.
Chile: Documentary About Pinochet's Dictatorship Wins Award
This video shows that Augusto did anything he could to "fix" Chile. The bad side to this was that Augusto did not think before his actions, and he was not really concerned about what happened to the people of Chile. Even he had an act on like he was all for his country's safety which he really was not.


He was a selfish man, oh yes he was

He hurts people, thats what he does

Making Chile worse

All of the citizens are going to disperse

Faking every minute

He's only in it to win it

In the end

Chile never had a friend

Essential Question:

During Augusto Pinochet reign as President in Chile did he improve the life in Chile for average citizens or did he make everything worse?

"Take whatever steps necessary to end this situation"

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