Ways to Promote Anything at BHS

Eri Iwao


Flyers can be put up around the school to advertise the school store, other products and merchandise, or upcoming events in the school.

Rolling Announcements

Advertisements about specific items can be put on the rolling announcements that play in the lunch room and in the library. A lot of people see these and it would be a good way to promote products, or anything else.

Morning Announcements

You can put a short advertisement in the morning announcements at school to help promote an event, product, or the store at BHS.

Punch Cards and Prizes

You can use punch cards to help get people to go to a specific event or club, or to buy items at the school store. Punch cards can be used to record how many times someone purchases and item at the store so they can get coupons or other prizes at a certain number of times.


Giving out coupons can be a good incentive to get people to come back to the store. Getting people into the store is a good way to sell more items and giving out coupons to random people can increase sales.