Mikayla's Roommate Rules

Rules 4 Roommate success

Rule # 1 If nothing else, follow the Golden Rule

Treat your roommate or roommates the way you would like to be treated respect everyone.
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Rule #2 Be friendly, without expecting to be best friends

Although you and your roommate might not end up being best friends you should still understand that it is important to be nice and how some type of cordial relationship with them.
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Rule # 3 Be careful of who you bring into your room -- and how often

Understand that you should know exactly who you bring into your room, and how often you do so because it is not just your living space it is both of yall's.
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Rule # 4 Be clear from the beginning

Be sure that you set boundaries and understand your roommates likes and dislikes so you guys can avoid any future conflict.
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Rule # 5 Address things when they're big

Make sure to speak up on concerns or anything negative you feel they are doing, because they may not know that they are bothering you be sure address situations no matter how big or small.
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