Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class

Take a look into our week...


We had such a fun time at Boosterthon! We really appreciate all of your support both during the pledge gathering as well as cheering us on at the Fun Run. The kids had a blast at "Camp High 5" during PE this week. We met our goal of getting 1000 pledges school wide--our class alone raised over $800! Pledge collection envelopes went home today and should be returned by Thursday. Please help your child use the report to collect the pledges they worked so hard to get this week. Thanks for all of your help!

We the people...

Did you know that we had a national holiday this week? Though it's not widely observed, September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. During Social Studies, we learned about what the constitution is (in very basic terms, like "a list of things the people who started America wrote that they wanted for our country") and we talked about what it means to be a good citizen. We even watched the School House Rocks video of the Preamble. Then, we talked about what we could do to be good citizens in both our classroom as well as our community. The kids had great ideas about picking up trash in parks (even if they didn't make the mess), holding the door for strangers at the store, smiling at someone just "because", and one of my personal favorites--giving a homeless person an ice cream and a balloon. (Yes. I'm serious. So sweet!) This was also a great time to review our classroom rules to ensure EVERYONE is a good citizen in our class!


Students had a blast this week learning to "take away". We used "real life" examples like this very realistic story to grab their attention--"If there were 7 cows in a pasture and a tornado sucked up 2, how many were left?" The kids thought that was hilarious and even though they knew I was kidding, they still GOT the concept! We also learned the word "equation". Ask them what an equation is! Here's a peak into our subtraction stations!

Reading/Writing Workshop

We are wrapping up our first unit of study in both reading and writing workshop which covered "building good habits". Next week, our students will select one of their pieces of writing from their writing folders to "publish" in our classroom. We will put these stories into a class book and I'll have it out at conferences to share with you!

Sight words are a very big part of reading. They should be automatically recognized upon seeing them, hence the name "sight word". They are also called high frequency words because these are the words in EVERY book. Please practice sight words often. The words that we have introduced so far this year are: a, an, and, as, at, can, for, had, I, in, it, like, man, see, the, you, with.

Reminders and upcoming events

Dates to remember

EARLY RELEASE DAY--Wednesday, September 25, 12:45

Chic-Fil-A Spirit Night (Tower Point location)--Thursday, September 26, 5-8 pm

NO SCHOOL (parent/teacher conference day)--Monday, October 14

Homework will go home every Friday and should be returned the following Friday. Please be sure to keep the spelling list at home so your child can practice before the test! I'm happy to take the homework early, but make sure to have the list at home. Students who turn their homework in on time for 5 weeks will receive a special reward!

Take home readers will go home every Monday. For students who are reading chapter books, a chapter per night is perfectly fine and can count as 1 book on the reading list sheet. Please return your books on Friday for a new set. Remember to read every night!

Library days are FRIDAYS! Bring back your books to check out new ones. Due to library schedules, we are only allowed to check out books during our time slot.

Spelling tests are Fridays. I will say the word, use it in a sentence, and the students must write the word. Please study the lists at home. They will gradually increase in difficulty--we will go through short vowel sounds, then long vowel sounds, then blends and digraphs (words with ea, words with oo, etc.).

Volunteering and snacks

A special thanks goes out to our moms and dads who have volunteered at school, donated snacks, or have offered to do projects at home. It is very much appreciated and having your child see that you have an active role in their school is a huge investment in their academic success.

A note went home this week from our room mom, Melinda Wood. Please fill that out and return it at your convenience. There is a box you can check to receive notifications from her in a class group on yahoo. Your information will NOT be shared nor used for anything other than classroom related communications (parties, volunteer opportunities, needs in the classroom, etc.).

We are always in need of snacks, so if you are inclined to do so, the next time you are at the store grab an extra bag of pretzels or a box of cereal. With 19 children, we go through snacks quickly. We also LOVE healthier snack options like fruit or vegetables, so let me know in advance if you're interested in bringing something special like that in for our students to enjoy. Thank you so much!