Ivory Coast

the culture of Ivory coast

The people of Ivory Coats

Ivory Coast is divided into three main religions. These religions are tradional animist religions (30%-60%), Christianity (15%-30%), and Islam (20%-30%). Followers of indigenous religions typically worship their ancestors. Ivorians tend to be religously tolerant, and it is not uncommen to mix elements from teo or more religious traditions.

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LifeStyle of Ivory Coast

Exstended familys are poupler even when they dont live in the same village. the father usually leads the home but when there is no male figurehead the oldest woman takes charge. Although some cultures are matrilineal which is dominated by men.
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society of Ivory Coast

the health system is lacking funding and resources. People often must pay for their treatment before receiving care, even during emergencies. HIV/AIDS is a major health concern throughout the contry, 10 percent of the contry is infected with these deasises. Quallity care is avalibal at privet hospitals, but its too expensive for most of the people from Ivory Coast.

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