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May 2021


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5 Reasons Why Audiobooks Are Good Summer Reading

  1. It is NOT "cheating" to listen. Reading is acquiring information, whether it is with ears or eyes. "People read with their ears, whether they know it or not." - William Zinsser
  2. Listening to audiobooks helps students build up content and vocabulary. Students will use the skills they develop listening to audiobooks to reading written text.
  3. The current research on audiobooks indicates that students who listen to books boost their comprehension and increase vocabulary and fluency.
  4. Some pretty intelligent people preferred to listen to learn: Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, to name a few.
  5. Audible books help students learn to focus and pair well with the printed text; the two media complement one another and when forged, make for stronger reading connections.

Weekly Free Audio Books...All Summer Long

  • Access the offer by going to Audiofile.
  • Receive new audiobooks offered each week.
  • Register with an email address to access SYNC titles in the Sora app.
  • Directions for accessing the app and the offers are provided after registering email.

MackinVIA Audiobooks (and eBooks)

Students have access to over 300 audiobooks in their MackinVIA accounts. Students should make sure they can log on to MackinVIA prior to leaving for the summer.

Tales 2 Go

Hundreds of audiobooks are available to Southview students through the Tales 2 Go database. Student use the same login information as they do for all other databases, but then create their own account to save bookmarks. The Tales 2 Go database may be accessed through the SV LMC Database website page or through a student's MackinVIA account.


Key Dates for the End of School

MAY 26 - All reading books due back to the Library Media Center

JUNE 1 - Books available for summer checkout

JUNE 2 - All textbooks due back to the Library Media Center

Read Away Fines - Extended through May 14, 2021

Southview Middle School Library is offering students the opportunity to read away some library fines they may have accrued during their time spent at Southview. Here are the details:

  • WHAT: $1 fine is waived for every 15 minutes of reading.
  • WHERE: Read in the Library Media Center, Study Hall, Classroom, Home
  • WAIVED: overdue fees for books or technology; lost book returned fees
  • NOT WAIVED: purchased items (e.g., earbuds), lost item replacements (e.g., book, charger), Chromebook repair fees, fines accrued at other library sites
  • REQUIRED: Must show teacher/study hall/parent/guardian start time and then stop sign; have them initial your sheet.

Students may stop in library to get more details and pick up their participation forms. The participation forms must be used to earn the credit.

SV/NV Virtual Project Lit Book Club

Wednesday, May 26th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

May's book selection is War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi.


Ankeny 6-9 Battle of the Books

Thursday, May 13th, 9am

This is an online event.

This is a tentative date, but we are definitely planning to hold a virtual competition. This means, remote learners - you can join in! There is still time to form a team OR let Mrs. Kauffman know of your interest, and she'll help you get on one.

Click on the link button to the Ankeny Battle of the Books website below. Email Mrs. Kauffman if you have questions. Get your teams signed up!


Chromebooks Stay with Students over the Summer

As per previous years, the Ankeny Community School District encourages all 5th through 11th grade students to keep their school-issued Chromebook over the summer. Even if a student does not intend to use the device over the summer, we ask families to store the device at home. Doing so guarantees that the student will have access to their Chromebook on the very first day of school and avoids potential delays during student registration and schedule pick-up.

All Chromebooks will continue to be filtered according to local, state, and federal policies and will remain the property of Ankeny Schools. Any damage to the devices will be repaired in the fall according to the current Technology Fine Schedule. Technical support is not available during the summer months.

LOST OR STOLEN DEVICES should be reported immediately to the building principal.

FAMILIES WHO MOVE over the summer can return their device(s) Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM to the home building of the student.

If you are unable to contact your building principal, contact the district office at 515-965-9600.

Students and families who have extenuating circumstances over the summer may contact the home building school library media center about options for summer storage by May 26, 2021.

While no technology support is provided by the district over the summer, step-by-step instructions may be found on the SV LMC website's Chromebook Issues Troubleshooting page or this Chromebook Troubleshooting Poster.

Click here to read the full district letter regarding Chromebooks.

Katy Kauffman, Teacher Librarian

The mission of the Ankeny Library Media Program is to enable all students to be independent learners who are skilled users of information, and who appreciate literature and other creative expressions.